Horse Tracks: 35! 35! 35!

Doug Pensinger

The number '35' is a number that has largely been insignificant for the Denver Broncos over the years. In 1994, the Denver NFL franchise turned 35. The greatest Bronco to wear 35, by MHR decree, was RB Ken Bell who appeared in three Denver Super Bowls during his run with the team from 1986-1989. In 2014, '35' has taken on a special meaning.


So what's with the number '35' already?! It's the number of points by which the Seattle Seahawks beat the Broncos in that debacle of a Super Bowl a few months back. Losing like we did on an international stage isn't something that we as fans will easily forget. By making the number '35' a rallying cry for workouts, off season training, and the season beyond, the team is ensuring they won't forget either.


This coming Monday, Peyton Manning will be back in New York to appear on the Late Show With David Letterman in his first talk-show interview since the Super Bowl and his first appearance on the show since 2007. Here are the details.


ESPN's Jeff Legwold speculates that the Broncos could be taking a long hard look at North Texas' WR Brelan Chancellor. While not invited to the combine in Indianapolis this year, his skills as a punt returner have him flying high as a late-round prospect that Legwold figures to be a good fit in Denver.


Denver Broncos 'Independent Analyst' and all-around good guy Andrew Mason continues to examine the Broncos personnel during the off-season. With Aquib Talib, T.J. Ward, Rahim Moore and Chris Harris figuring to dominate in 2014, Mason's position breakdown for the Denver secondary is a great read.


Who?! Okay, it's easy for forget him seeing as how he was with the team for the Tebow-crazed 2011 season on the practice squad. Let's be honest, I never forget a face that holds a clipboard and Weber did it with the best of them. It's nice to see that he's signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders. How pumped is full-time Canadian and former MHR staffer, Colby?!


With the Donald Stirling whirlwind this week, I thought it was important to look back into our history at an incident that affected (a few) Denver Broncos players the same way it has today's Los Angeles Clippers - the 1965 AFL All Star Boycott. I urge every football fan to see the Full Color Football series the NFL and Showtime did a few years back. It's readily available on YouTube and for purchase from Amazon.

This clip is from the second episode of that series. Go to the 51:26 mark of the video.

The Daily Beast compares the controversy of then to today in this article. It'll be interesting to see how the aftermath of today compares to then.

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