Ed Reynolds: Promising FS prospect from Standford

Note: I purposely put a pic of him running back an interception because we need guys like him that can force turnovers!


As pointed out recently by BMike's state of the roster post, we are very thin at the FS position. Rahim Moore is a solid starter but has some question marks about his health going into this season, and our depth behind him is virtually non-existent. I have to think our FO will look for a FS in the draft for some depth at the least.

The top 2 FS prospects this year are likely to be off the board by the 31st pick in rd 1, so unless we want to trade up, we'll have to find a guy in the later rounds. I'll be honest outside of Pryor and Clinton-Dix I am not impressed at all by this years crop of safetys. The majority of the guys are probably SS or special teams material.

However, all is not lost for Denver if we want a rangy centerfielder in this year's draft. Enter Ed Reynolds, 4 year Senior out of Stanford.


Ed Reynolds II is the son of former NFL player Ed Reynolds Sr., who played for the Patriots and the Giants in the 80s. Due to his father's relationship with the Giants, Ed Jr. was a ball boy at the Giant's training camps when he was in highschool. During these camps he got to rub elbows with guys like Eli Manning and Jeremy Shockey and is good friends with Tom Coughlin's kids. So he already is familiar with the NFL and has been around the league his whole life.

He redshirted as a freshman at Stanford in 2010 and sat out the entire 2011 season with an ACL tear. In 2012 he burst onto the scene his Junior season and had 6 interceptions, 3 of which he took to the house. He only had 1 int his senior year but still played very well.

At 6'1" 207 lbs he is a rangy center fielder that played alot of Cover 1 with Stanford which let him roam and jump plays. He shows good instincts on tape and is great at closing and making plays on the ball. His combine numbers are not super impressive, but he recently improved his 40 time, from 4.57 to low 4.4s, at his pro day. I like him for Denver because we need a ball hawk and center fielder to play deep. He fits our scheme as we run alot of Cover 1. He seems like a hard working, good character kid, and he goes to Stanford so he has to be pretty smart right? He projects to be a mid-round selection at around rds 3-4. Check out some film and highlights of him below.

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