I guess BO ain't Gotta G-O

Was Brock Osweiler a good choice?

Admittedly I hate the hindsight view of things. It makes folk think they're right when there was never a way of knowing. But I've gotten so much better at remembering my views and understandings at the moment things happen.

I can admit when I'm wrong because its not like I'm an expert. It's not any amount of tab taking that will get me cudos for calling Elway stupid or brilliant for any moves he makes as an executive(but it does sure feel dam good when your right, right?)

With that, I can always imagine his point of view for BO. He just got an old QB fresh off FOUR neck surgeries. I can imagine Manning and doctors warning him like the old Scooby Doo towns people about the journey into the great unknown that is this nerve damage; overemphasizing in order to make sure Elway himself and the Broncos organization cover themselves just in case he comes back and "isn't Manning". So much so, they took out an insurance policy still active today that protects the organization from having to pay too much in case Manning injures his neck again or (at the time) isn't the same player due to the neck injury. I GET IT. Not sure Manning will be AS good. Check.

You have Brock, a guy who beat out your son for the starting job at Arizona State. You get a pretty good scout and look at him before you even took over the Broncos. I mean, he did only start 1 year, but had good numbers and played well. Rocket arm. Athletic. Tall. Gotcha.

Still, for the life of me, with all the credit people give him for 'grand scheming', and my favorite "You gotta give Elway CREDIT for sticking by his guns" jargon.............why, o why would you pick Brock Osweiler with your 2nd pick when you have Manning?

Maybe he considered him the best player available in a draft that was deep at the QB position. That'll poke at Rodney's theory a little. I mean would he take Brock because he was the Best on the board at the time? Naahhh surely he knows you have to construct a 'vision' of what you want the identity of your team to be and build around that right. It's not about BPA, it's about picking guys who fit the identity you hope to establish. You don't just pick a bunch of the best players and call it a team do you? Do you? Ok maybe that's another post.

Maybe I'm just having a hard time believing Elway would push his chips towards the future on someone with 1 year's experience as a college starter.

What many including myself fail to look at if Manning honors his contract is the possibility that Brock DOES stay. Think about it. By then(Brock's contract expiring), a lot of teams will have a direction, or plan on getting THEIR guy. They won't want to take a chance on Elway's, I mean, who deemed him the Great evaluator. So if Brock hits the market he would likely fetch peanuts like what Matt Flynn got on a 1 year deal(IDK like 4mil), as oppose to signing here and waiting on Manning 1 more year(for like the same 4-5mil). He'd essentially be living on year to year deals but why travel when you can try to make that magic year here, where you are familiar. Then he could push Elway for 8-10 maybe. That is if Elway doesn't fall in love with another prospect by then of course. But Brock could very well be a Bronco even after/if Manning contract is honored.

I still can't get over the fact that if we trade him now, he could fetch us 2 players. I would take a 2, Phillip Gaines(comparable 40 and size to Justin Gilbert), and a 6(L'Damien Washington) for Brock. I would take Jeff Janis, a likely 5th rounder, and Pierre Desir, a possible 3rd, over the unknown Brock. I would take Stanley Jean-Baptiste(3rd), and 6'6 Brandon Coleman(4-5 rd) before I try to figure out what I got in Brock. This is fun. I would take Paul Richardson(3rd), and maybe Lache Seastrunk(3-4 rd). Talk about a dynamic future. In a perfect world I would talk the new booty's in CLE out of the 2 third round picks they got and use 1 to trade back up into the 2nd bring in Donte Moncrief. Eric Decker who? Or like I told Rodney, you give me the GM keys, and I would trade back twice out the 1st and snatch Keith McGill(Browner), and Stanley Jean-Baptiste(Sherman), pair them with Kayvon Webster(Walter Thurmond) and have a Mile High LOB to go with that new pass rush tandem we purchased. Oops, did I forget we have Chris Harris Jr and Aquib Talib :-I . My bad. Just thinking of depth for Years to come in ADDITION TO TRADING FOR XTRA PICKS FOR BROCK!. Heck I could strike at Ed Reynolds to be the future when I don't want to pay Moore any More so now the secondary would be stacked, for years. That last scenario could net me the 2 biggest CB's(since Elway "fancies" the trendy bigger corners) in the draft and possibly 3 prospects(Reynolds, Coleman/Janis) above also....................................With picks to spare.

Aaah that was fun. It's good to dream ain't it kids. Because the likely scenario is we still have Brock and lose opportunities. Because this late in the off season with the draft nearing, they aren't going to trade him. But as I go through those unlikely scenarios(I mean no one would give us a 4[Coleman], and a 6[Dontae Johnson] for Brock Freakin Osweiler would they), I come to the realization. Maybe the rest of the league doesn't think Brock is as good as Elway hopes he turns out to be. Maybe they didn't see enough of him to pull the trigger on his enormous upside. Maybe they think he sucks. Maybe they are more than willing to have Elway swim in his own decision. Can Elway prove himself right? Again.

Aah yes, Reality's a b***h. Even if Brock literally was the next Aaron Rodgers he only has 1 ring. So does Brees. So does GOAT Manning. And Brady was a game manager for that dynasty, the MSM need to get off his testicular fortitude. Maybe the question I asked at the top was wrong. Maybe its not about whether it was a good choice. Question is....

Was drafting Brock Osweiler worth it?

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