Elway's Best Draft... ?

Well the 2014 Draft is over. Amazing! I like our draft picks.

This was Elway’s fourth draft. Compare Elway’s 4th draft with his other three drafts.. How did Elway’s FO perform?

2011 had 9 draft picts. Mohamed and Beal are gone. Miller, Moore, Franklin, Irving, Carter, Thomas and Green are starters... Our draft positions were better. Very Impressive!

2012 had 7 draft picks. Wolfe and Trevathan are starters. Blake is gone. 1 pick was a QB

2013 had 7 draft picks all are still Broncos but Traverrus King as noted by FezzyFel below. S. Williams was a starter in the SB. Quanterus Smith maybe a starter. 1 pick was a QB.

2014 had 6 draft picks. It is possible that Bradley Roby CB, Cody Latimer WR and Michael Schofield maybe starters based on Elway's comments. I really like Corey Nelson LB. He is hungry and scrappy...

I used the term 'starter' liberally. If a player was a starter before being injured I counted him as a starter. If a player started several games I counted him as a starter. So from a fact position several of the players may not be starters.


002 - Von Miller LB

045 - Rahim Moore FS

046 - Orlando Franklin OT

067 - Nate Irving LB

108 - Quinton Carter S

129 - Julis Thomas TE

189 - Mike Mohamed LB

204 - Virgil Green TE

247 - Jeremy Beal


036 - Derek Wolf DT

057 - Brock Osweiler QB

067 - Ronnie Hillman RB

101 - Omar Bolden DB

108 - Philip Blake OL

137 - Malik Jackson DT

188 - Danny Trevathan LB


028 - Sylvester Williams DT

058 - Montee Ball RB

090 - Kayvon Webster CB

146 - Quanterus Smith DE

161 - Tavarres King WR

173 - Vinston Painter OL

234 - Zac Dysert QB


031 - Bradley Roby CB

056 - Cody Latimer WR

095 - Michael Schofield OT

156 - Lamin Barrow LB

207 - Matthew Paradis C

242 - Corey Nelson LB

Given the facts and the draft positions which draft is Elway’s best thus far?

2012 and 2013 were good drafts. However 2011 was a great Bronco draft with 7 starters... That is a hard draft to beat. However as many of you know I like going out on a limb... way out on a limb... I hear sawing in the background... No I can't do it yet. I cannot say the 2014 draft was better than the 2011 draft. What do you think?

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