So What's Your Story, Broncos Fans?

Today I was responding to a fan post and struck up a thread conversation with SteveUK. I was curious about the "UK" portion of his tag name so I asked if he lived in the United Kingdom or was from the United Kingdom. He responded that it was both, which I thought was damn cool. Here is a guy living nearly half-way around the world and is a fan of the Broncos. Then I thought, Wait, this guy lives nearly half-way around the world. How is he a fan of the Broncos? So I asked. His response:

Got into the NFL as a kid. My Dad saw a live scrimmage session when he was in Denver in the late 60s and always followed them and I took that from him.
First NFL magazine I was bought by my parents had a feature on Karl Mecklenburg. He became my favourite player.

What a cool story (and you totally know he's from the UK with the way he wrote "favourite"). How many of us are just like Steve and started our fandom because of a parent or relative? Seems like the way these things often happen. Well, SteveUK's brief but insightful story got me thinking that it might be interesting for MHR members to share their stories about why they all became Broncos fans.

I think it's especially relevant that we should remember our roots, so to speak, right now after the Draft. There seems like a lot of discontent and general exasperation from members of MHR, which in a way is understandable after a Super Bowl ass whooping, three months of mock drafts, and a late Draft that saw Elway et al. do things none of us expected. But we should remember why we became fans of the best franchise in the NFL in the first place. So that's what I propose to do.

PaleHorse78 already shared their story:

Just for the heck of it… I became a Bronco fan in 93-94 because I picked up John Elway, Anthony Miller, and Shannon Sharpe in my fantasy football league, and they all tore it up for me that year. Everyone around my area (I live smack dab in the middle of Steelers and Bengals country) always accuses me of being a badwagoner because of the Super Bowl wins, but I became a diehard Bronco fan a few years before. I was always a fan of Elway and Atwater, even before I loved the Broncos.

To me that is a fun facet of fandom. You start following a player, start to like that player, and before you know it you're a fan of the entire team. Thanks for sharing, PaleHorse78.

My story starts nearly 30 years ago:

I had just moved with my family to Craig, Co. from Kansas City, Mo. While all my new friends were fans of the Broncos, and especially one John Elway, I was more a fan of George Brett and the KC Royals. But all of that changed January 11th, 1987, a date that will live in awesomeness. It was the AFC Championship game, in Cleveland, and I had the game on because that was the Law in Colorado back in 80's. If the Broncos were playing you had to have your television tuned to the game. But I really wasn't paying attention, trying to get my homework done. Then one of the greatest moments in sports history happened, and any thoughts of school work went completely out of my head. John Elway and the battered, beleaguered Broncos were down 7 with just over five minutes left to play, and it was 1st and 10 at their own 2 yard line! They had to go 98 yards, in little over five minutes, and do it in one of the most hostile stadiums in the NFL, just to tie the game! Well, those five minutes plus were all Elway and the Broncos needed to march those 98 yards, score that tying touch down, and make me a total fanatic of the Broncos from that day forward.

Here is The Drive!!

So, SteveUK, PaleHorse78, and I have shared our stories, it's your turn. When, where, and/or why did you become a Broncos fanatic?

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