Meet the fresh meat

Good evening Mile High folks, this is a pilot for a series on these new UDFA's you may have never heard of.

Many won't have a shred of tape on the whole webz, wont be around the NFL more than a few months, and unfortunately there are not near enough mall kiosk jobs to go around. So why even bother researching these players? Masochism? Tear jerking boredom? Maybe it's just pity for those that get more lemon than lime...light.

This edition will look will at CSU star Kapri Bibbs. Personally as a Buff alumni I feel a bit dirty saying this but I believe this kid has a shot at not only making the big 52, but even being the #2 back behind Montee as early as next year.

Here's why:

Despite the missing magic formula for predicting collegiate transitional success, I think there are some key places to look for how a player might do in the NFL. Running back might be one of the easiest positions to transition, but that still won't make it even close to easy for any of these guys.

The primary place I would like to look is vision, to me seeing the whole field through 6 inches of daylight just can't be taught. You have these 300+ pound meat bags flying around in front of you, and somehow you have to navigate this torrent of flesh and bone while directing yourself to the next moving slice of light. Sounds like a piece of cake!

I think a lack of vision is what hurt Moreno the most as a pro runner and why in todays NFL he wouldn't have been drafted before the 3 round. Kapri on the other hand has vision as one of his best qualities: (I highly recommend you mute the video and queue up your favorite Pandora shuffle)

lets take a look at just the first 3 runs in the video for the moment.

Ultimate Kapri Bibbs Highlights | HD (via Csonka Péter)

On the videos first run see the hole open up on his right? Looks inviting but why didn't he run there? Maybe he was following the play, but see #13 about to crash down any hopes of daylight? Notice Kapri keeps running straight at the line taunting 13 into the gap, and then Bibbs makes a cut into a open lane for the TD.

On run 2 the seas part and crash back down a split second after he gets there, but without hesitation he brings it right up the middle for points.

Part of vision is being able to make decisive cuts in the blink of an eye, yet I feel the most important part is to know where you are going long before you get there, that way you can mix in a little rope-a-dope to fool defenders into committing to soon, you can then play on that by keeping the option right up the middle in the back of defenders mind. Much like Peyton masterminding the same play over and over with just enough truth that the defends can't help but buy the B.S.

Run 3 to me exemplifies the gift of vision, he runs with the flow of bodies, as the play is likely designed, the defenders have seen this play before and over commit to the flow, Kapri seems to already know where the hole will be as he fakes with the grain and then cuts against it for the easy score.

Lastly I would like to look at college production as many of you have no doubt heard John and John talk about it at length when evaluating potential:

2013 281 1741 6.2 85 31

Hard to put too much stock in one year of work, but leaving the draft early in some cases might be for the best. Many of CSU's linemen were seniors last year and things were not looking up for Bibbs big uglies in 2014. So with that said 281 carries with a 6.2 yards per carry looks mighty fine to me. We are not talking about SEC talent he is running against by any means, but still you have to like the look of that! Mix in the nose for the end zone with 31 TD's in a single season, and I am liking this kid more and more.

But wait we still have a Freaking style offense, is this kid going to fit?

2013 8 59 7.4 14 0

The above line is his receiving for the 2013 season, hard to make much out of a couple of threads. He was used in some check downs but you really can't say much based on this.

So for this offense can he pass block, or catch?

Lets call in the experts:

WEAKNESSES Average power and tackle-breaking ability. Lacks extra gear to pull away. Questionable third-down ability -- minimal production/exposure as a receiver and pass protection needs work. Does not adjust to throws or catch naturally. Carries the ball loosely. One-year wonder. Showed he could be contained (Alabama, Boise St., Utah St.).


Sounds like he is not terrible but needs to work on it big time. This is the main reason I said next year he could be #2 he just needs more experience and some great coaching to get there.

red flag alert!!!!!!

Dude needs to get that ball tucked in!!

Another highlight reel for viewing fun but if you watch the way he carries the ball I have to agree with that ball hanging out there like that won't fly in the NFL unless you count how fast you'll make it to the dog house.

Kapri Bibbs "The Wild Thing" Colorado State Highlights ᴴᴰ (via Harris Highlights)

All in all I have high hopes for this to be your next un-drafted player to crack the Broncos lineup, just add a lot of work with the coaches (he hasn't had much to date) and the rest will be going directly to the light!

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