So who would I have drafted? don't kid yourself :)

"if you wanna go to taylors just tell a brother you wanna go to taylors!"

Ok, I'll continue my armchair GM scenario. My first post was pointed at the "fanboy" tendencies in which it seemed like everybody dropped their critical reasoning 5 minutes after each draft pick... But I do recognize you can't criticize without suggesting alternative, like I tell my wife when choosing where to eat dinner, it's easier to say what you don't like than what you do like, if you wanna go to taylors just tell a brother you wanna go to taylors...

so [who do I think] the Broncos should have drafted? my optimal draft:

1st: Stephon Tuitt (DE/DT)

How does the "fanboy" effect sound when applied to this pick? quote from behind the steel curtain "without injury this year he would have certainly been a top 10 pick" - heard anyone saying that about Roby? Don't get me wrong, I hate Notre Dame, its my in-laws team, believe me, I hate Notre Dame. But I've watched a lot of games - this guy has JJ Watt's frame EXCEPT, he's slightly stronger, faster, younger AND produced twice as many sacks in college as Watt... uhhhh, hello?

2nd: Chris Borland (MLB)

In terms of production (which is THE most predictive measurable, much more predictive than 40 time or bench reps, if you don't believe me I'll send you 3 research papers on the topic) - Chris Borland was/IS the best MLB in college football, born leader...

3rd: Ka'Deem Carey (RB)

Besides his PRODUCTION (which I already mentioned mattered right?) - have you seen his tape? North-South runner, ready for a zone-blocking scheme.

4th: Cyril Richardson (OG)

This guy is the reason RGIII wasn't injured at Baylor the way he has been in Washington. A 330lb monster at guard, since the Broncos don't actually need a tackle, they already have Orlando Franklin who has made it clear he'd rather play tackle than guard - so rather tha repurposing Chris Clark, let's get a tandem for Vazquez and leave Manny at Center.

5th: Brandon Dixon (CB)

Ummmm... someone in the admin loves dev projects at CB (see Kayvon Webster, Roby) - why spend a first round pick on a development project, spend a 5th round pick on a 200+lb 4.40 cornerback who couldn't play D1 because his grades sucked... Rather have someone educationally challenged than someone that drives intoxicated and costs a first round pick...

6th: Jay Prosch (FB)

Fullbacks are out of style, but Fullbacks that knock DEs on their *ss and catch balls - tell me Peyton doesn't want this guy? He's a once in a decade physical freak that stayed at Auburn because he wanted to be near his mother who was dying of cancer. Mature, humble leader - oh and he's also 6 foot, 260 lbs and 5.9% body fat, beacherreports #1 on its list of SEC's ten biggest gym rates, his power clean is 382, Auburns records - did I mention he catches passes?

7th: Michael Sam (OLB)

Why did this guy drop so far? He lead the SEC with 19 TFL and you get him the 7th freaking round! I don't care about sexual orientation at all, this is production and like I've mentioned before that correlates with NFL success a lot better than sexual orientation...

UDFA: Joe Don Duncan (TE)

Last but not least - Joe Don Duncan - remember the name boys, Joe Don Duncan

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