"All Hail The Scrubs!" - Mathematical Dilemma



My hat comes off for the THOUSANDS of non-drafted College Free Agents who've spent their entire school years playing a game we love, their minds full of dreams of NFL stardom. I salute you all, for your hard work during your early years because you love this game.

Without "The Scrubs" we wouldn't have a pro game!

Now, I know someone may try to call me out as having used a derogatory term to describe this group, when we could most likely take a pickup team out of the scrubs and have a winning season if all our games were against the chiefs, but that's okay.

I Salute The Scrubs (the Bubble guys, The Camp Fodder guys, the guys in the "Brick-kickers Club") anyway! So let's do the math.

Number of people who attended NCAA football games each year

47.9 million

These players come from being "the star", the focal point in college, to kicking bricks after a failed attempt to gain a roster spot in the NFL, or even having the hope that will linger when placed on a teams Practice Squad.

There are 129 colleges that have football programs in the NCAA, so let's just take a figure of 130 and up our total by 22 players.

130 Colleges providing (a minimum of) 11 offensive players and 11 defensive players (the cream of the crop) to the NFL every year for draft picks =

A Minimum of 2,860 new college kids looking for an NFL starting position each year! At 7 picks per team, there are only 224 spots available, + CFA "Camp Fodder".

You could say that there are around 2,500 disappointed hopefuls each year. So what's the point? "Why focus on the depressing side of the game, Metal?" "You're bringing me down man!"

It's just that I'm looking at the numbers, and what they tell me. Every player that is currently on a 90 man NFL Roster (+ the 8 "walk on hopefuls") are elite to their peers! They are the rare individuals who actually have an outside shot at starting in the NFL.

They are all striving to control one of the 24 or 25 "starting positions" on one of the 32 teams. That's just 800 jobs with more than 2,880 applicants! More than 2,000 are losers in this battle! (Let that sink in.)

With just 53 players making the roster, only 1,696 total jobs are available, and those jobs are ALL FILLED each year. That means 224 players have to lose their jobs each year for all these new kids to get one. That's a tough application process if you ask me! (And remember: THEY ARE ALL GREAT, if they have gotten this far.)

Perhaps MHR should start a fan site trend each year, by saluting the Hopefuls! Write a short welcome with a bio on each. Give them some Positive Press! What do you all think of that? Would you be willing to write one? There are 8 walk on players, and 15 CFA's that a lot of us have never heard of.

Our problem is that we are used to always watching the best of the best every week, and so we often belittle those who get beat as being a "lousy player", when in fact, every one of them could show us all up on any given day!

Hail to the Scrubs! We couldn't get through Training Camp without you guys. Last I looked the Broncos showed 91 on their roster list, but I've heard they also have some walk on players who don't show up their roster. Is that legal?

So give me your list of hopefuls who you guarantee WILL NOT make the 53 man roster! Include the players from last year who are going to get beat out by a rookie.

If you don't mind doing a write up on some of these guys I say go for it! I'll be interested in what you find for us all on anyone you chose.

Nastyj, our MHR Broncos 2014 GM just wrote one for us.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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