Denver Broncos Three Down MLB On The Roster?

The above link to the Broncos Official Website talks about Lamin Barrow's desire (and the effort he's already made) to be the Broncos Full Time MLB. He want's to be that guy! That three down MLB everyone covets.

"The (Broncos') strength staff has been telling me that I've got a good frame; I can put more weight on it and not lose any speed," he said. "That's kind of the game plan, to get with the nutrition staff, to add on some more healthy weight and just try to keep progress."

He want's to be every Bronco fan's answer to the missing first round pick they think we should have made. If he becomes that, then it would be another example of the Broncos Scouting Dept. coming up with someone we never thought about.

With a much more balanced (and talented) defense, every defensive position will become more effective since they feed off of one another. Give the guy a year of working his nutritional program, and learning from JDR & staff, and he just may be that guy we always wanted in the middle.

"I've been getting work at the 'Mike,'" he said. "I've been kind of cross-training, learning the 'Mike,' the 'Will' and the 'Sam,' but primarily today, the 'Mike.'"

"So once I learn the system and can be able to move faster, I think that will be a key -- and my speed will just keep me on the field."

I'm rooting for him. In an article on the, they state:

Barrow is one of the better athletes you will see at the linebacker position. He is listed at being 6’2 – 232, but he has a long frame and could easily get to 240+. His play strength is good, but not great, and he is explosive.

He has excellent play speed and body control showing quick feet and easy change of direction. His play speed is sub 4.6. He lines up as a Will linebacker, and because of his athleticism, they have him playing in space often.

He is used often in coverage, lining up in both zone and man. He has very good man cover skills for a linebacker to go along with good ball skills and hands. He can transition very well.

He is also used to rush the passer often and does an excellent job finding seams in the pass protections and getting to the QB.

This pick to me was a slick pick with an eye on what he could become once they got a hold of him. The forward thinking shows the depth of the scouting departments reach when looking at prospects, at least that's what I'm hoping is the case. ("Thousands of hours watching tape?)

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