How to win the Super Bowl Mock Draft!!!

I think that Elway and The Broncos are all in and want to draft players who are going to have a Impact. I see Denver's needs are CB, RB, ILB and OT.

CB because Talib has never played a full season and Chris Harris coming off a ACL.

RB because if Monte Ball goes down then we have who - Hillman and Anderson - that does not make me feel good. REMEMBER what Pete Carroll said "don't worry they won't run the ball or can't run the ball against us" Denver needs to get a Bigger Back!!!

So here is my mock draft that puts Denver all in!!!

1st Round Pick -------------------------------------------- TRADE - DENVER trades the pick to Jacksonville who goes after a QB. Denver gets its 2nd and 4th Round PIcks.

2nd Round Pick via Jacksonville ---------------------- Troy Niklas - TE - Notre Dame - you think Elway doesn't remember Denver can't run the ball against us(Seattle) Niklas is 6'7" 270lbs and is the best blocking TE in the draft.

2nd Round Pick ------------------------------------------- Jeremy Hill - RB - LSU - I was banging the table last year for Eddie Lacy and still think Denver needs a bigger back and Jeremy Hill would give Denver a GREAT 1-2 combination. Hill broke the SEC RECORD for yards per carry at 6.9 for 2013.

3rd Round Pick ------------------------------------------- Terrance Mitchell - CB - Oregon - Mitchell had one of the best Pass Breakup % in college and is a sleeper CB that most scouts know can play.

4th Round Pick via Jacksonville ---------------------- Aaron Lynch DE - South Florida 6'5" 249lbs - Lynch has all the tools but needs to put his game together.

4th Round Pick ------------------------------------------- Josh Brown - WR - Pitt St. This dude is BLAZING fast and could in a year take over the slot and is great at special teams.

5th Round PIck ------------------------------------------- Avery Williamson - ILB - Kentucky. Denver has done great with Woodyard and Trevethan. He could be our next steal at LB from that school.

6th Round Pick ------------------------------------------- Cornelius Lucas - T - Kansas St - 6'8" 316lbs - Denver drafts this HUGE T to groom to start.

7th Round Pick ------------------------------------------- Erik Swoope - TE - Miami - Swoope another former Basketball player who is very smart and athletic will get a chance to learn from Julius Thomas

Denver gets arguably the best Blocking TE in the draft along with the Best Big Back in the draft to POUND THE FOOTBALL. We already have the BEST QB in the League now we have one of the best Running Games in the NFL with Niklas and Hill!!!

Denver gets Avery Williamson who has been as good or better than Woodyard and Trevathan in college.

Denver gets a Explosive WR, Huge T and promising TE.

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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