Volititlity again in the 2014 Draft

Last year I lamented that unlike in years in the past, the mock draft boards were all over the map. In past years, most often the top 10-15 picks were pretty well rounded out after the workout days. Who was going to pick those players was still up in the air and a trade here and there made some difference. This year again like last we have players all over the map. We also have a team that now might not be picking the unknown fail to help move everyone down the board (see Raiders).

Examples: Mosely, Shazier, Roby, Ealy, Verrett and I have not even mentioned the QB's who started out the year with 3 of the top 5 picks. Now there may not be 3 taken and if there are, it might not even be the 3 from a month ago. Crazy times and this makes it so hard to even have a clue who the Broncos will have available to them. Our Mocks are so crazy we are even now arguing with each other about our collective brain power to analyze our needs and the draft talent.

We have a segment of out cult that thinks we can pick up a quality guard after the draft and those that think drafting one with our 1st pick is essential. We have those that think MLB is key and those that think an overall LB is. It is so fun to see all the diversity among us and I relish the thought process that those who put in the work espouse. I love Mock drafts and trying to figure out who we will take but this is getting insane and REALLY hate they moved it back 2 weeks.

Enough with the whine fest: Here are my opinions on the upcoming draft

1. We need to get faster everywhere. I mean faster. Speed kills and that is what kills the Broncos. Teams that have overall team speed on both sides of the ball give us fits. From our Oline to our D'bs we have to have more team speed from sideline to sideline.

2. For those of you who think that Franklin at guard is a done deal and we are set, I tell you to hide and watch as they move him back to RT to compete with Clark. I do not think a 6'7' guard will work well in this offense and think we can do better in the upper rounds of the draft. Just my opinion.

3. I think the QB's will fall and there will be a couple of coveted QB's might available when we pick at 31 meaning it is less likely someone "falls" to us therefore we could be in a good position to pick up that guard or LB in the top of the 2nd and have an extra pick to use to maneuver around the board later to be sure we get #7's guy.

4. It is imperative that we draft a return guy in this draft that can have an impact on the field as well. No more Holliday type players. We need our returner to be a quality backup or role player on our team whether at RB/WR or DB.

5. Did I mention team speed. We need to get someone in the 2nd and 3rd round with a chance to compete for starting time or at the very least be a quality backup right away. I don't care what position but if we don't get a OL in the 1st round it needs to be in the top 3. I am not sold Justice is a quality backup after last preseason, He was TERRIBLE (poor OZ)

6. If there is someone willing to overpay for Oz or Dysart I would take it. If it is a strait up exchange then I would let it pass. I would expect at a minimum a UFA or 6th/7h round pick to compete for a practice squad position in camp.

I do not do enough research on players to know who to choose with these picks. Just what I would like to see. I will leave someone to use this list of my ideas and fill in my Mock for me.


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