Built For The Kill (F.P.F): The Broncos

The other day I was watching Super Bowl Classics on NFL Network. They were showing Super Bowl 32, Denver Broncos vs Green Bay Packers. As I sat there and watched the Broncos battle on both offense an defense for that Super Bowl Trophy, I remember thinking, you can see the mentality of the players through how their playing, they had that killer mentality.. I mean, the defense was playing against a young(26)Brett Farve(NFL MVP) lead offense who was really Good that season(13-3 defending Super Bowl Champions), an the offense was playing against a Dline lead by Veteran Reggie White an a Back-end led by a Pro Bowl safety in Leroy Butler. They were a dangerous and formidable opponent that the Broncos had to go through in order to get the monkey off the back of the franchise after losing so many SB's previously. It just so happened that about two hours before watching SB classics, I watched a DVR'D show of Built for the kill on Net Geo Wild.. Seeing that game again, showed me what the Broncos have to become in order to get through this season and have a chance to get back to the SB and win it all.. They have to become Built For The Kill(B.F.T.K).

An animal or group of animals that are built for the kill, Survive in harsh terrain, thrive an live for the hunt and lastly, take down prey with tactical precision. The Broncos must adopt this mentality, because this year's schedule won't allow for anything less. Like John Elway so eloquently put it, "The Broncos must come out of the chute fast".. So, what the heck is a team that's built for the kill?? I'll tell you, Its a team that can survive a tough schedule, a team that thrives in studying an game planing for their opponent,a team that executes an adjusts if necessary to take down an opponent and lastly the have to be F.P.F(Fast Physical and Ferocious). Fast on both sides of the ball, physical on both sides of the ball an ferocious mainly on defense.

The Offense: The offense cannot and I repeat, CANNOT be the same type of offense it was last year. Even Peyton Manning Believes that. He said at a Broncos Event, "You have to kind of reestablish your identity as the 2014 team". All that breaking records while it was fun to watch, the offense was IMO inconsistent in allot of games last year and didn't show up in the biggest one.. This offense has to take a look at SB 32, In that game, John Elway's best plays were the hand offs to TD. In that game also, what impressed me the most was the conditioning and execution of the Oline. They had that built for the kill mentality that whole season an in the SB it didn't stop. They played like, even if you know we are going to run the ball, were still to going execute an get push up the field and because of it, TD had a Phenomenal game( 30 carries for 150 plus yards and 3 TD's).. Adam Gase, Peyton Manning and the Oline have to make the running game first priority in OTA's an Training Camp..The physical nature of an offense doesn't come from the passing attack it comes from the Offensive Line being able to get push up the field an the running back being able to run hard through those opening's in return..

According to Football Outsiders the Broncos Pass efficiency was 60.3% and ranked #1, the Run efficiency was 4.2% and ranked # 10. The Eagles had the best overall offensive efficiency with their pass being 30% and run 23.6% and a respective rank at 5 an 1.. If the Broncos can ramp up their Run game efficiency, the offense can be an even more dangerous. The ugly truth is, that its easier said than done. The Oline has to buy in, but we also have to have the players that can physically enhanced the consistent push we need to be a more dominant Offensive Line.. With Orlando maybe switching to LG, I say maybe because even though he tweeted it out and Ryan Clady alluded to it at a Voluntary Workout press interview, IMO it wont be set in stone until training camp.. With Clady coming back we are instantly upgraded on the left side, assuming he plays up to his Pro Bowl caliber form. We have Manny Ramirez who's done a really good job IMO and Louis "The Bull" Vasquez who had a Pro Browl season. All that leaves is the RT tackle position as a liability in the run game. Chris Clarke while he did a good job as a pass protector was bland in the run game.. Now, I will show you this From Football Outsiders..

statistical adjustments.

Team Adj. Line
Stuffed Stuffed
2nd Level
2nd Level
Open Field
Open Field
Team Rank Sacks Adjusted
Sack Rate
1 NE 4.63 4.69 59% 23 16% 4 1.39 2 0.80 12 DEN 1 20 3.6%
2 KC 4.33 4.58 65% 16 16% 7 1.27 8 0.91 9 DET 2 23 4.5%
3 SD 4.26 4.20 74% 5 12% 1 1.10 17 0.50 27 CIN 3 29 5.2%
4 DAL 4.23 4.66 68% 11 15% 2 1.29 6 1.02 4 NO 4 37 5.3%
5 GB 4.11 4.52 83% 1 16% 5 1.24 10 0.95 8 CHI 5 30 5.5%
6 HOU 4.10 4.20 56% 26 20% 17 1.31 3 0.53 26 IND 6 32 5.6%
7 NO 4.08 4.11 67% 13 21% 23 1.22 12 0.65 18 ATL 7 44 5.9%
8 DEN 4.07 4.38 64% 17 16% 3 1.30 4 0.63 20 SD 8 30 5.9%
9 SEA 4.05 4.03 49% 32 19% 15 1.17 13 0.59 23 NE 9 40 6.1%
10 MIN 4.04 4.78 79% 2 20% 20 1.29 7 1.26 1 DAL 10 35 6.2%
11 CIN 4.03 3.70 63% 19 18% 9 0.96 26 0.37 30 HOU 11 42 6.6%
12 STL 3.95 3.95 58% 25 19% 13 1.05 20 0.68 16 TEN 12 37 6.7%
13 DET 3.94 4.23 76% 3 19% 12 1.26 9 0.68 17 ARI 13 41 6.8%
14 CAR 3.91 3.87 72% 8 19% 14 1.04 22 0.54 25 STL 14 36 6.8%
15 IND 3.89 3.96 65% 15 18% 10 1.09 19 0.63 21 PIT 15 43 7.3%
16 BUF 3.85 4.38 65% 14 18% 11 1.14 14 0.96 6 BAL 16 48 7.3%

As you can see, we are right in front of the Seahawks who's offense is predicated on running the ball first. So we are not that far off, I would say we are a RT or OG an a Running back away from being a very good running team.. IMO we already have our running back in Montee "Daylight" Ball and with the draft coming up on Thursday we may have a RT or OG ready to roll. With Montee, the reason I think he will help improve our run game is because of his best attribute, and that is his run vision.. He is very good at seeing daylight an running to it an through it, hence my nick- name for him(This is what Knowshon lacked in the most). Montee believe it or not is very good at making people miss as well, that's another aspect of his game that's underrated and that also makes him a more durable back. So what he lacks in speed he makes up for with decisiveness an tough running. Take a look at this, again from Football Outsiders..

A player with higher DVOA and a low success rate mixes long runs with downs getting stuffed at the line of scrimmage. A player with lower DVOA and a high success rate generally gets the yards needed, but doesn't often get more. You can go to Football Outsiders if you want to get a better understanding how they rank the RB's..

RUSHING: Minimum 100 rushes, 47 players ranked

Player Team DYAR Rk YAR Rk DVOA Rk VOA Runs Yards EYds TD FUM Suc
L.McCoy PHI 341 1 321 1 18.1% 3 16.5% 314 1,607 1,654 9 1 52% 8
D.Murray DAL 295 2 288 2 24.0% 1 23.2% 217 1,119 1,259 9 2 53% 6
J.Charles KC 247 3 258 3 13.7% 7 14.7% 259 1,288 1,353 12 4 51% 11
M.Forte CHI 193 4 191 5 7.4% 15 7.3% 288 1,338 1,351 10 3 47% 26
M.Lynch SEA 185 5 146 9 5.9% 17 2.9% 301 1,265 1,397 12 3 48% 19
K.Moreno DEN 171 6 199 4 8.4% 13 11.1% 241 1,038 1,148 10 1 50% 14
R.Jennings OAK 164 7 158 8 15.8% 5 14.8% 163 733 847 6 0 47% 25
F.Jackson BUF 163 8 170 7 9.1% 11 9.8% 206 890 1,058 9 2 51% 9
E.Lacy GB 160 9 171 6 5.3% 18 6.3% 284 1,178 1,246 11 1 46% 27
R.Mathews SD 141 10 120 15 3.6% 19 1.7% 285 1,255 1,230 6 2 49% 17
S.Ridley NE 135 11 133 12 10.2% 9 9.9% 178 774 837 7 3 52% 7
D.Williams CAR 126 12 76 20 7.2% 16 0.9% 201 843 893 3 1 43% 34
A.Morris WAS 121 13 133 11 2.0% 21 3.0% 277 1,278 1,184 8 6 48% 20
D.Brown IND 117 14 122 14 19.2% 2 20.3% 101 533 554 6 0 54% 2
A.Ellington ARI 117 15 107 16 17.5% 4 15.4% 118 657 576 3 1 46% 30
L.Blount NE 117 16 131 13 9.4% 10 11.6% 153 776 747 7 3 54% 3
Player Team DYAR Rk YAR Rk DVOA Rk VOA Runs Yards EYds TD FUM Suc
C.Johnson TEN 110 17 75 22 1.5% 22 -1.7% 279 1,067 1,119 7 2 46% 31
D.Woodhead SD 104 18 105 17 13.7% 6 13.9% 106 432 572 2 1 60% 1
A.Foster HOU 99 19 85 19 11.4% 8 8.6% 121 542 586 1 0 50% 16
F.Gore SF 91 20 40 27 -0.8% 24 -5.1% 276 1,134 1,153 9 3 42% 38
M.Ball DEN 86 21 89 18 7.5% 14 8.0% 120 559 603 4 2 54% 4

Now, if you compare Moreno and Ball, IMO you'll see that if Ball gets more production, meaning more carries he can an will out perform Moreno in the run game.Montee will Ballout this season. Now, I'm not going to go into the WR's to much but I will say that we seem to have more speed with the addition of ES an also Bubba possibly getting more plays in.With that happening, we can become more dangerous in stretching the field and get even more out of our our screen game. Speed just adds a different dynamic to the offense, Basically, speed kills .. Another area that can help the offense is the WR's particularly Demariyus Thomas beating press coverage. I remember the Redskins game last year, in which 5-10 D' Angelo Hall manhandled DT resulting in a interception return for TD by D. Hall. I'm not sure how a 6-3 230lb WR gets out muscled by a 5-10 190lb CB, but it happened and DT showed that throughout last year when facing press coverage.Our WR's will have to work on being more physical and using their speed at the line of scrimmage when facing press coverage. Football is all about matchups and we play allot of teams that have CB's(size and Speed) that can matchup with our Wide-outs. In a Peyton Manning led offense timing is every thing and if the WR's cant get off Press coverage it will result in missed opportunities to move the chains and score points in some of these tough games we will play in.

So If The Oline can become more physical, the WR core becomes more physical an faster with the addition of ES, Bubba and the Offense as a whole executes better by adjusting and thriving in studying and game planning for opponents, This Will Make the Broncos Offense Built For The Kill F.P.F(Fast,Physical,Ferocious). Ready to go into battle against the stout defenses of the NFC west an other teams we face..

The Defense: The ugly truth about the defense is, we have still have few ?? marks, in the return of Von Miller, Chris Harris, Derek Wolfe and Rahim Moore an other key players on defense.. Also, will Q. Smith step up as a pass-rusher if Von is not full go by week 1, will Slyvester Williams wreck havoc in his second year and get more playing time with Big Vick coming off IR. The biggest Question IMO, is will the Defense gel an play as a unit in time for week one and beyond?. I'm not writing this to answer those questions though and frankly, only time will tell. I'm seeing how the Broncos can become Built For The Kill (F.P.F) on Defense.

The two area's we lacked in on defense was not having a pure an consistent pass-rush and our pass defense, which was blown up a little bit by the fact that teams had to result to passing the ball more. We were elite in run stopping, but the main reason was because teams needed to score fast from being behind in games. It was a weakness nonetheless though. Again I will use Football Outsiders to show you where we ranked in run and pass defense last year.

Remember, since positive numbers represent more scoring, defense is better when it is NEGATIVE. Also, rushing includes all rushing not just the running back.

1 SEA -25.9% 2 -30.0% 1 -34.2% 1 -15.2% 7 -27.9% -34.3% -19.7% 8.3% 28 -3.7% 31
2 ARI -16.4% 6 -18.5% 2 -11.2% 5 -24.9% 1 -14.6% -9.4% -23.1% 5.9% 19 0.8% 10
3 CAR -15.7% 11 -18.0% 3 -15.6% 3 -16.0% 6 -14.6% -13.1% -17.1% 6.3% 20 -0.9% 20
4 BUF -13.8% 27 -16.3% 5 -22.8% 2 -3.1% 19 -14.5% -22.7% -4.6% 7.5% 25 -2.7% 26
5 CIN -12.6% 10 -13.1% 6 -14.5% 4 -9.8% 13 -17.1% -17.8% -16.1% 8.6% 29 -2.1% 25
6 NYG -11.4% 16 -16.7% 4 -7.0% 8 -17.0% 4 -5.9% -2.5% -10.3% 7.0% 24 7.3% 1
7 BAL -8.7% 19 -11.1% 8 -4.8% 9 -13.6% 10 -5.9% -0.8% -12.3% 2.3% 1 -0.1% 12
8 TB -6.8% 20 -3.3% 12 -0.1% 11 -14.9% 8 -1.5% 8.2% -13.1% 8.2% 27 4.3% 3
9 KC -6.7% 30 -2.2% 14 -7.0% 7 -6.4% 15 -6.9% -8.6% -4.7% 4.5% 12 0.6% 11
10 NO -5.8% 32 -5.8% 9 -9.2% 6 -1.5% 20 -3.8% -5.1% -2.1% 4.4% 11 1.0% 9
11 STL -5.7% 7 -12.4% 7 4.7% 15 -18.2% 3 -4.1% 6.8% -17.3% 6.4% 21 1.7% 6
12 NYJ -5.6% 9 -0.9% 16 7.5% 18 -23.0% 2 -4.3% 9.7% -23.1% 4.6% 14 -1.5% 22
13 SF -4.6% 3 -5.3% 11 -2.1% 10 -8.1% 14 -5.8% -3.0% -9.7% 3.8% 6 -2.0% 24
14 DET -0.8% 24 -2.5% 13 9.6% 20 -16.9% 5 -2.8% 6.8% -17.8% 9.1% 30 -0.7% 19
15 DEN -0.2% 5 -5.6% 10 10.2% 21 -14.3% 9 -2.7% 4.6% -12.7% 5.1% 16 -1.9% 23
16 IND 0.9% 31 1.9% 19 1.8% 13 -0.1% 22 -1.2% -0.6% -1.8% 10.5% 32 -2.9% 27

As you can see the Broncos pass defense was a low 10.2% while our run defense was a respectable -14.3%. Of coarse the Seahawks have a staggering -34.2% Pass Def, which is why they shut us down, well, that and having a pure and consistent pass-rush. In 2012 we had a Pass Def percentage of -10.5% and in the Rush Def we a percentage of -18.1%.. So the Broncos can improve in both Rush Def an especially the Pass Def.

I believe the Pass Def can be our strength this year. Aqib Talib may not be as fast as Kayvon Webster but he makes up for it with aggressive press man coverage an very good ball skills, plus he's a very good zone coverage player, he thrived in the Bucs tampa-2 scheme. Last year Aqib Talib allowed 29 receptions on 65 targets for 471 yards an 2 touch downs. He also had a 54.1 passer rating against opposing Qb's and to top it off he had four interceptions and 14 pass defended.. Chris Harris we all know he's unheralded player on our defense by outsiders but, In 2013, per Pro Football Focus game charting, he allowed a 65.6 passer rating on 393 slot snaps, and didn’t give up a single touchdown while registering three interceptions. He also upped his game on the outside, allowing a 64.9 rating overall. With these two players alone we have the ability to play in your face defense in the back-end.. Bring in Kayvon who I expect to take a nice size leap forward in year two an IMO he's our ace in the hole for the back-end and can really put us over the top as a hybrid CB/S, with his speed an coverage skills an ability to lay the wood like a safety. Now, T.J. Ward is who I'm most excited about out of our DB's. He's the enforcer we've all been longing for since the more recent Brian Dawkins..

T.J. Ward, gives us that B.F.T.K attitude and brings us that F.P.F persona, but then, so does Chris, Aqib and Kayvon. IMO, having that mentality in your safeties is priceless. As good as R.Sherman is, he has two Hawks behind him that make his job allot easier and set the tone for the defense.. Boss Ward rated according to Pro Football Focus a high +8.1 which was 1st among all safeties in Run Def an +4.8 In Pass Def, which is still very good and considering that Duke's Pass Def rating was an atrocious -5.3, with Rahim being a +3.3 rating. Boss Man Ward will make or secondary a dangerous place.. So, with Rahim coming off IR and possibly getting better and with Quinton Carter hopefully coming back ready to bang out and who ever we draft, whether it be a CB or S or even both we have a really good chance to dramatically increase our Pass defense effectiveness in 2014. The front and back end work together and in sayin that, It'll bring me to the next stage of getting the Broncos Defense B.F.T.K (F.P.F).

The Broncos Front end Loss allot of production last year in the pass-rush department. We were Doomed from the start by losing Dumervil, an then to make matters worse, Von Miller lost his way( Shaun Phillips did his thing). The good news from last year is we learned a few things, we learned that Terrance Knighton A.K.A Pot Roast became the B.M.O.C.(big man on campus). Aslo, we seen Malik Jackson turn into a Force to be reckoned with and we or some of us acknowledged that The Sly Fox can turn into a very disruptive pass-rushing DT. Now, just like I had an ace in the hole for our DB's, my ace in hole up front is Q.Smith. In 2012 he finished the season at Western Kentucky with 12.5 sacks, He's a more of a pure speed pass-rusher, needs to learn a few more pass- rush moves and is some times inconsistent, but with good coaching and learning from D. ware an V. miller he can become just the type of disruptive young pass-rusher we need, Sorta like Robert Quinn.

DeMarcus Ware, will gives us a H.O.F power speed pass-rusher that is really not to be takin as a joke. He gives us more speed in which he arrives in the QB's face faster, resulting in less time for the QB to go through his progressions. Also, he's a sack fumble specialist, even though last year he didn't force any fumbles, I'll write that off to 2013 being a down year for him.. Malik Action Jackson, Pot roast an The Sly Fox plus The return of Big Vick an The Wolfeman will help out in making us a Very Dangerous defensive line. There's no need to go into what Von can do, we all know what he's capable of. If his knee is completely healthy an he keeps his lungs clean he will be a Monstar this year an beyond. Bad thing for other teams, is that Mille is still so young and incredibly talented and has D. ware to learn from. Plus he's also becoming a complete LB and is one of the best OLB in the game today. Mille has the ability to be a H.O.Fer and I really believe that, if he cant keep his nose clean and keeps getting better which is hard to believe that he can get even better, he will be wearing a Gold jacket when its all said an done, but thats a long way off, right now I just want to see him create wrecking ball havoc..

I just wanted to focus on the dline an the back-end because those were the area's that set back our defense,but I gotta show Danny Trevathan some love.. He's the Leader out of the LBer corps.. I call Danny the Predator because he reminds me of the Predator character from the movie Predator with Arnold S. with how his dreads hang down, his wide forehead and the way he plays. He gives us that B.F.T.K attitude and he is all of F.P.F.. Gridin is his mentality and What Time we play is all that matters to him..

So, with the back-end increasing in its Pass Def by having two shut down corners IMO, in Chris Harris an Aqib Talib. They can also give us more balanced because both can play Man and Zone coverage well. With the new Inductee T.J. Boss Ward bringing his F.P.F swagger in big hits an also being a big boost in coverage from what we had in Duke Ihenacho will also increase our Pass Def.

A defensive line the bodes D.Ware and V. Miller is upgraded instantly, with players like Pot Roast, Action Jackson The Sly Fox Chiming in and hope fulls like The Wolfeman, Q.Smith and Big Vick coming of injuries will enhance the pass-rush in sacks/QB hurries department.It will also help out in a big way the Pass Defense, because Our CB's wont have to cover as long period..

If these things on defense take place this season the Broncos will be BUILT FOR THE KILL(B.F.T.K) on defense and with the defense getting younger will make us Fast Physical and Ferocious(F.P.F)

55077_built-for-the-kill-video-banner_pqjw2tea5dohf22xdpv6j2b4xhncurxrbvj6lwuht2ya6mzmafma_610x102_medium is what I expect the Denver Broncos to be Heading into week one and beyond, so we can Survive this schedule and head into the playoffs, Prepared to attack like the lion Below..



BRONCOS 2014!!!

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