My Broncos 1st round board

Hi Guys, I still have to think about the correct order but these are the players that IMO, the Broncos graded as 1st rounders (and could think to trade up for or could somehow fall into the 31st)

(ok please nevermind the english grammar error, I took notes on each player while watching the videos I found on internet and possible the grammar isn't really good):

Name; Position; College; My Broncos scouting perspective

Sammy Watkins WR Clemson 1st

I think this year there are two players that top the rest of prospects, on defense Clowney and on offense Watkins. If the Broncos will decide to give all this year selection and some of next year to get to draft Watkins in top 5, I would not like it, but given Watkins talent I'd understand.

Odell Beckham Jr. WR - ST LSU 1st

I think the Broncos should seriously try to trade up in the 1st round and select Beckham Jr. Not only he's a really good receiver that could become the nº 2 receiver for the Broncos, but he can also replace Welker in the slot once Welker will retire. Plus, the Broncos have a big need at PR and KR, Sanders is appointed to returning at the moment, but Beckham could add his talent and make the Broncos Special teams really dangerous.

Calvin Pryor FS Louisville 1st

I like Moore more than most other Broncos fans, but from one side Moore is coming back a nasty injury and on the other side he'll be FA next year. There is no certain thing apart Moore at FS in the Broncos roster, carter has been bothered by a knee for two years in a row, Bruton never developed more than situational defender apart been an ace in special team and Bolden was originally drafted as CB and didn't impressed me that much at S in 2013. Pryor, IMO is even better than Moore when he came out. If Pryor would be there at 31st he should be the best player available for the Broncos and I even will understand if the Broncos are targeting him and more some spots ahead (25 - 26) to select him (especially because I think he won't pass New England).

Ha-Ha Clinton-Dix FS Alabama 1st

I'm generally not for taking high in the draft Alabama's player, since to me they already are finished product, no potential what they look is what they'll be in five years and more, barring injuries. In this case I still feel that Clintox -Dix is close to be a finished product but he's really good, I think he'd be one of the best safeties in the NFL right now. He has to address the body tackling issue, but with a good DB coach he'll do it. I think that he'll be long gone when Denver will select. He has the talent to go in the top 10 picks.

Darqueze Dennard CB Michigan State 1st

His tackling problem, due because of bad angles and size will just grow bigger as a rookie in the NFL. Is it wise to use a 1st round pick on a CB that you don't plan to use for one year? I don't know; in Dennard case is not worth, for the Broncos to trade up to get him, but if he'd slide to 31st? Maybe yes because he will be terrific after the steep curve. I like a lot this player I just think that he will have a lot of trouble in the NFL if he cannot get bigger because of his aggressive style of play, which is actually exactly what the Broncos are looking for.

Bradley Roby CB Ohio State 1st

He's really good and IMO he's there in the top tier of CB for this draft. If Denver pulls the trigger on him at 31st, I understand, it won't be a trendy pick but he's a really good player that will anyhow have a steep curve to learn in his first year as a pro but he has all the tools to be outstanding on Denver scheme.

Kyle Fuller CB Virginia Tech 1st

He's the kind of corner Denver would look for, an aggressive player that has the speed and agility to play man to man and has great tackling technique. He has all what Denver look for, Still he won't be a starter for Denver, thought he'll contribute and this is his best case scenario to develop and be a really successful NFL player.

Aaron Donald DT Pittsburgh 1st

I really don't think Denver will have a shot at him, even if he slides he won't pass the 22-24th pick surely he won't pass San Diego. In case he does get to 31st, I hope the Broncos will forget the size they look for DT and select him in a heartbeat.

David Yankey OG Stanford 1st

The Broncos have a hole at LG at the moment and he could be selected in the 1st round and plugged in on day one. He'll need to bulk up a bit, since the tendency since Fox took over is to have bigger linemen that could play nasty. His height is exactly what Denver is looking for.

Zack Martin OG Notre Dame 1st

He is supposed to be long gone when Denver will select and it's possibly true with all the teams that needs Oline help. Still his run protection could be better and I think he is a bit overhyped.

Taylor Lewan OT Michigan 1st

I don't think the Broncos will trade up so high for him but I like his nastiness.

Joel Bitonio OT Nevada 1st – 2nd

Denver could target him at 31st, if he'll be still on the board. He's a versatile Olineman that could start right away bot at G and at RT for the Broncos, giving value to the 1st round pick. He's a little undersized (at 6'4'') compared with what the Broncos drafted in high rounds under Elway but he fits the power scheme that Denver uses mostly.

Mike Evans WR Texas A&M 1st

Again, to me he belongs in the top 5 players of this draft. Is Denver thinking to trade up for him? If they feel that is the best for the long term and the short term of the franchise, I would not really like it but I will understand it. Still the Watkins trade would make more sense to me.

Marqise Lee WR Southern California 1st

I think some team will select him before 31st. If he still there when Denver select he could be a target, since his talent is really too good to pass up. Still WR is not a deep need for the Broncos and they could pass on Lee to select in the 2nd or 3rd round some other player that would provide depth and probably ST returns.

Brandin Cooks WR Oregon State 1st

I think the Broncos have already Sanders for a smaller type of WR that can gain a lot of yards after the catch so trade up for Cooks, that BTW is also a really good deep receiver, would make no sense. If he falls to 31st, his value probably would be too much to pass on even though there is no indication that he can block, skill that is really important for a Broncos WR.

Louis Nix DT Notre Dame 1st

I like him better than Jernigan, maybe because I heard and read about how he wasn't focused on playing and other stuff that are all a bunch of lie. If he won't succeed in the NFL will be for other reason, He's strong and extremely athletic for a guy of his size. I saw him running on the edge of the field to tackle the QB...what about that. If he will be still there at 31st I'd be really happy if the Broncos select him, then again, he is a little undersized to be the tall and big DT the Broncos are probably looking for, would they pull the trigger? Is even he on their board? I'm not that sure.

Cody Latimer WR Indiana 1st

Perfect replacement for Decker. I don't think he could still be there at the end of the 2nd round, so if the Broncos really like him, they'll have to select him with the 31st pick overall or trade down risking that the Seahawks would select him.

Kony Ealy DE Missouri 1st - 2nd

I really do think he could be a real impact player right now as pass rush specialist for a 3-4 defense. The broncos could use him a bit as joker, since the number of times he has been used as "sleeper" DE. As 4-3 DE I think he will have to put weight and gain power and strength. I'd think Denver could use a 2nd round pick on him, if they trade down from the 1st round and getting an early 2nd in the process.

Tre Mason RB Auburn 1st - 2nd

He could be a really good complement to Ball. Has more speed than ball and can cover the role that Hillman apparently cannot cover as the change of pace back. Plus can do most of the things Hilman does. He can also block some. No evidence of catching the ball. I'd prefere if he'd be there at the end of the 2nd round as Ball in 2013. Anyhow if the Broncos can drop out of the 1st round and select him with one of the top 10 picks of the second it would be almost as good. I can also live with the Broncos selecting him 31st overall.

Let me know who you'd drop andwho you'll add to this list.

Thanks for reading!!

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