My Final Mock Draft

Well 1 more day until the Draft and I can't wait. John Elway has done a incredible job in Free Agency but there is still work to do.

Team Needs

CB - With Talib missing atleast 3 games a season and Chris Harris coming off a ACL CB is a HUGE NEED>

LB - Personally I think Nate Irving who got a ton of playing time last year will really get a chance to start. He played very well in Von's absence but drafting another LB makes a ton of sense.

RB - With Hillman and Anderson backing up Monte Ball(who I really like) I think Denver WILL DRAFT A RB. Remember Pete Carroll saying Denver can't run the football.

OLine - I think we are set with Clady,Franklin,Ramirez,Vasquez,Clark but drafting another Olineman is just smart.

S - with Rahim Moore's contract up after the season - Safety is in play


1st Round Pick #31 ---------------------------------------- TRADED to Jacksonville for their 2nd, 4th and 7th Round Pick. Jags draft QB - Teddy Bridgewater

2nd Round Pick #38 --------------------------------------- Jeremy Hill - RB - LSU - 6'0" 230lbs - Denver gets this BIG RB who ran for 6.9 Yards Per Carry in the SEC last year. He owns the record now for the SEC. Hill will team with Ball to give Denver a 1-2 Punch not many teams can boast

2nd Round Pick #62 --------------------------------------- Stanley Jean-Baptiste - 6'2" 218lbs CB - Nebraska. SJB will give Denver a Big, young CB to learn from Talib and Harris. If not SJB - Phillip Gaines or Piere Desir - any of the 3 would give Denver a great young CB>

3rd Round Pick #95 ---------------------------------------- Jordan Tripp - LB - Montana - Tripp would be a Great addition to the Denver Broncos.

4th Round Pick via Jacksonville ------------------------ John Brown - WR - Pittsburgh St - BLAZING FAST and EXPLOSIVE KICK RETURNER - Brown would give Denver a option at Slot next year when Welker's contract is up.

4th Round Pick --------------------------------------------- Brandon Thomas - G - Clemson - he would have been a top 40 pick but injured his ACL. Will go on IR but next year look out.

5th Round Pick --------------------------------------------- James Hurst - OT - North Carolina - Big strong OT to groom.

6th Round Pick --------------------------------------------- Jeff Janis - WR - Saginaw St.

7th Round Pick ---------------------------------------------- Erik Swoope - TE - Miami - former basketball player

7th Round Pick ---------------------------------------------- Tajh Boyd - QB - developmental QB

Denver gets a ton of talent and speed!!!

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