Build-a-Board. How would your Top 5 look?

How would your board look?

I really couldn't come up with a cool graphic. Can't quite organize it to well either because drafts can change in an instant. 1 trade can throw your expectations completely off or alter your draft board. So I propose 2 likely scenario's where you have a board set up based on "need" and "best player available". This isn't a debate between the 2. It's pretty much a top 5 for each round in your own opinion. The only thing you would have to establish would be whether your list is based on "NEED", "BPA", or what you feel is "BOTH".

In the BPA scenario you can disregard whose on the roster because if we take that into account, you might not put someone in your top 5 for that round figuring, we're loaded at the position. In the need category, you can be thinking to fill spots with lacking depth, or expiring contracts. And you know what to do with both. You can get grasp of where players rank by going to prospect rankings and select which position you see fit, and get a general concept of the players available in each round(but when selecting "BPA", it might be best to leave the position box on all and go round by round). Ofcourse the Clowney's and Mack's of the world are not likely to fall so keep it realistic. Pretty much nobody in the top 15-20 should be available to us but there are possibilities the Mosley's, Shazier's, and Pryor's are around. The same applies for the top 15-20 players available in the 2nd round(picks 33-48/53). And 3rd(but you can bend the rules I just want you to keep in mind we pick at the back of each round). For anybody that's like a 1-2 rounder, or 2-3 rounder, etc., can just list them twice. For example, ya'll know I like Ealy, but since he's dropped to a 1-2 round prospect, I would list him at the back of my 1st round top 5, but at the top of my 2nd round top 5. You know like, if such n such was available at the back of round 2, he would be high on my list(board). If you list a player twice, then you get an extra pick, say, an 'alternate' to stay true to picking the 5 players you want in your top 5.

I want to see what/how ya'll think(ing). This is not scientific, you don't HAVE to stick to the rules exactly I more want to see top 5's than anything(for each round). This is subjective according to how you view players and how they would look/fit on our team or if they would fill needs or whatever. But have fun. Check out mine. I'll try to keep it concise so you all can pretty much fit yours into the comments section(thereby listing it horizontal). For instance(all in order).


Round 1: 1. CJ Mosley(MLB) 2.Calvin Pryor(FS) 3. Louis Nix(DT) 4. Ryan Shazier(OLB) 5. Kony Ealy(DE).

Round 2: 1. Kony Ealy(DE) 2. Keith McGill(CB) 3. Marcus Smith(DE) 4.Phillip Gaines(CB) 5. Antonio Richardson(OT). Alternate - Pierre Desir(CB), see I cheat

Round 3: 1. Antonio Richardson(OT) 2. Keith McGill(CB) 3. Stanley Jean-Baptiste(CB) 4. Chris Smith(DE/OLB) 5. Travis Swanson(C). 2 alternates since I carried over 2 possibles from the 2nd(who you clearly see would be High on my Board)Gabe Jackson(OG), Daniel McCullers(DT).

Round 4: 1. Lache Seastrunk(RB) 2. Travis Swanson(C) 3. Jordan Zumwalt(OLB/ILB) 4. Ed Reynolds(FS) 5. David Yankey(OG). Alternate Brock Coyle(ILB).

Round 5: 1. Ed Reynolds(FS) 2. David Yankey(OG) 3. Brock Coyle(ILB) 4. L'Damien Washington(WR) 5. Storm Johnson(RB). 2 Alternates De'Anthony Thomas(RB/WR/KR/OW), Dontae Johnson(CB)

Round 6: 1. Jeff Janis(WR) 2. Avery Williamson(ILB) 3. Vinnie Sunseri(SS) 4. Dontae Johnson(CB) 5. Ahmad Dixon(SS) Alternate Louchiez Purifoy(CB)

Round 7: 1. Aaron Colvin(CB) 2. Andrew Jackson(ILB) 3. Ryan Carrethers(DT) 4. Brett Smith(QB) 5. Bryan Stork.

Ofcourse in the comments you won't have/need the double space. But you get the picture. I intended to do 1 for "NEED" but I put this off. Been intending to do this for sometime and didn't finish though I started a couple of days ago :-)

But go ahead guys(and gal or 2). Give me your Top 5/Board and see how it matches up with our picks. That way it will be documented here and you can see if you can match up with John Elway and the organization. Or if you think we needed something different. Create your boards and check back here tomorrow to see how your draft would've turned out.

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