Who will be next Collefe Free Agent Gem for the Broncos?

Hi guys, here below I’m listing those players that are projected to be CFA (and I have them as 7th – CFA round grade for the Broncos too) that could be gem CFA:

Tevin Mims DE South Florida 6'3'' 246

Not a lot of video on him. Shows really good speed and really good pass rush capability overall. Has good size but need to bulk up a bit. Will need to develop his game and adjust to the NFL speed and could be used as pass rusher specialist at the beginning. An interesting development prospect that in the right system could be highly productive. Could be a good addition towards the end of the Draft for a team like the Broncos that could find a gem in Mims

Jonotthan Harrison C Florida 6'4'' 304

Strong olineman with some quickness at the snap. Has really good size and strength. He will be asked to get a big bigger and I think he can add some pound being still effective. He's not overly aggressive and will have to adjust to be ready for the NFL. Looks that he relied a bit on his natural size and strength to succeed in college. A very good developmental prospect that with patience could become a solid starter in the NFL. Has the size and the strength that could allow him also to play G.

Dexter Linton FS Kansas 5'10'' 193

Good prospect that plays with intensity and delivers hard hits. Has versatility and could play both CB and S. Has a similar body frame that Chris Harris and play really physically. Has enough fluidity to be able to stay in coverage, will need to bulk up and become more powerful. Isn't elite in anything but does everything well enough, I think he's underrated because the team he played in. He is a good prospect that could be easily drafted. If he ends up FA, Denver would probably do his best to bring him to training camp.

Zach Fulton OG Tennessee 6' 5'' 323

Not that many videos on him on internet. Still looks good physically and have a really good lateral movement. Also looks to have enough power in his lower body to anchor well at the LOS. Needs time to develop, but looks to be the kind of prospect that a team like Denver could draft late to not let him get to be a FA. Good potential.

Danny Kistler Jr OT Montana 6'7'' 315

Huge size looks to have power and react quick at the snap. Played G and RT against lower competition where he constantly develops his game. In terms of offensive linemen I like to select low if they need development and this prospect is really intriguing me. He's raw and needs to elevate his play but looks like he did every year he played. He could be a gem if the Broncos would be able to have him focused in pure technical development for a couple of years.

Carrington Byndom CB Texas 5'11'' 180

Has really good quickness and acceleration, lacks weight and strength. It's a big question mark for him because he was pushed around too much in college and could really get worse in the NFL. This said, if he can gain strength he has the tools to develop in a nice cover corner. He could be another CB gem late in the draft if only he could bulk up without losing the speed and the quickness.

Charles Sawyer CB Ole Miss 5'10'' 178

Versatile DB that can play CB or also S. Struggled with back injuries in 2013. In 2012 has really good tape. Has great coverage skills and can play man cover at CB. Has great athletic skill with which makes up to be a little undersized. Fearless in run support is capable of big plays. The question with him is durability and injury. I would have put a 4th - 5th round for the Broncos on him because of his 2012 videos, he could bring the versatility and depth to the DB position that suffered the loss of various players in FAs. Still, I really would like the Broncos to get him in training camp because I think he could really make the 53 men roster in Denver.

Shaq Bell CB - SS Colorado State 5'11'' 198

Really good in run support. Fearless tackler. Physical player that played both CB and S in college. Has good game speed, though not great and good athleticism. Colorado State prospect that does not have elite measurements but has really good size and plays nasty and hard. Could be better to move him to S in the NFL but definitely a player that could create his own role on the team as swing DB and ST player.

Eddie Lackey OLB Baylor 5'10'' 216

Undersized linebacker that is just plain and simple a football player. He hits hard and knows how to make plays. I like his awareness and hi nasty presence on the field. The problem with him is that he's really undersized, he's way smaller than CB and S but I guess is not the first time he faces this kind of adversity in this sport. He needs a team that would believe in him developing and bulking for a year or more (1 practice squad year and then backing up and ST).

Jared Biard OT Colorado State 6'7'' 318

Great size and great body balance for a 6'7'' Olineman. Move well and is able to block in open field. Have to get more powerful and raise his awareness. Average quickness at the line of scrimmage, has problem with speed rushers. Interesting size for a T, lack power to be used at G. Needs development but has great body balance and good enough footwork. I don't see why the Broncos should not bring him to training camp.

Jack Harris OT Colorado 6'6'' 295

Not really quick at the snap, have problem with speed rush, has to do a better job with his footwork in pass protection and anchor better. Does bend well enough for a 6'6'' man. He has some tool and usually the Broncos are aware of the local talent. I think he is worth to be evaluated in training camp because he has the size and some talent to work with.

Tim Flanders RB Sam Houston State 5'9'' 212

Has some explosion when he sees the hole. Has to learn to be more patient to become a better inside runner. Has speed to run outside and he can turn the corner there. No evidence of pass protection skills Interesting prospect that probably has less athletic skills that top draft candidate but that has good videos against some good teams. Looks to run hard and could bring some explosiveness to the table.

Silas Redd RB Southern California 5'9'' 200

Interesting player that runs hard and use well his body. Have some elusiveness and is underrated and can accelerate in open field. Looks tpo be a complete runner. There is no evidence of pass catching or pass blocking. Has some knee injury concerns. Could be interesting to watch in training camp a position battle with other RB. Could bring good depth.

James Sims RB Kansas 5'11'' 200

Change of pace back with great size. Will need to bulk up especially his lower body but has exceptional acceleration in open field and with his size could also be used in short field situatio. Intriguing cheap prospect. Denver likes to get a long look at Kansas underestimated prospects and Sims deserve a good one.

Marcus Hall OG Ohio State 6' 5'' 315

Has to bulk up and became stronger. Moves well on the LOS for a guy of his size. Lack elite athleticism. Needs to use more body balance in his blocks as well as stay low after the snap to not allow the defender to get a step closer to him. Has been ejected against Michigan and for that didn't play in the Big 12 championship loss against Michigan State. Played in a great college Oline. Has really good size and room to add some power. Need to develop both physically and adjust to the speed of the NFL. A couple of years could be necessary but he could become a reliable starter with a team with patience and a not urgent need for a starter that could rush him to play when still not ready.

Jesse Joseph DE Connecticut 6'3'' 262

Interesting football player. He does not show elite speed, acceleration or power in the videos of him I found. Anyhow he has really great awareness and is able to put himself in place to make plays. Against the run he looks to be able to hold his assignment and to chase the ball carrier. He lacks a bit of quickness from the edge to be a good pass rusher. His size is enough the let him be a good candidate foe 4-3 DE or 3-4 OLB. Depending on the team needs, he could be a good bet for Denver to groom for 1 year in practice squad in order to let him be stronger and more powerful. He is a football player and I feel more comfortable with him on the team than with the boom or bust players.

What do you think?

Who would you add?

Thanks for reading!

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