Ultraclassic's one and only mock draft of 2014

This year I don't have a very good feel for what the front office will do in this draft . There aren't many glaring needs on the team this year . However inside linebacker is a glaring need as Rodney A pointed out in his post who's standing next to Danny . I feel that Elway will move up for Mosley or Shazier with Mosley being the main target . I can't predict who he will trade with to get Mosley I just believe he will .

Round one . Elway moves up and takes C J Mosley inside linebacker of Alabama 6'2" 234 lbs.

4.63 forty . Mosley is the one missing piece to make the Broncos defense elite

Round two . Gabe Jackson Guard of Mississippi State 6'3" 336 lbs. 5.42 forty

John Fox wants more balance in the offense and wants to run the ball and I'm not convinced that Franklin will be a better guard than he is at right tackle . With Gabe Jackson in between Clady and Man Ram the Broncos should be able to run on the left side at will .

Round three . Third round pick was used to move up in round one so I don't see a pick here . But if the third round pick is not used in the trade up then I see a defensive tackle in this spot .

Justin Ellis defensive tackle 6'2" 334 lbs . 5.23 forty out of Louiaiana Tech .

Justin Ellis is a wide body with long arms that is a great against the run but has some pass rush skills and is also able to use his long arms to knock the pass down when he can't get to the quarter back . Ellis has been compared to the Broncos Kevin Vickerson with more upside . The need at defensive Tackle is not as great as it was before they signed Marvin Austin . But with Austin's Track record since he has been in the league there is no guarantee he makes the final roster so there is still a need .

Round four . Antone Exum corner back 6'0" 213 lbs. 4.51 forty of Virginia Tech .

The Broncos need more depth in the defensive backfield and Exum has played corner and free safety and may well be a better safety than a corner and I see a need at both corner and free safety .

Round five . Russ Cockrell cornerback out of Duke 6'0" 191 lbs. 4.47 forty

Cockrell will provide depth and be ready to fill Tony Carters role next year and with some luck may well be an improvement .

Round six . Trey Millard fullback / tailback/ tight end of the Oklahoma SOONERS 6'2" 247 lbs. no forty time available at this time .

Millard had a knee injury at the mid point of the season against Texas Tech and was unable to run at the combine . Millard is great at blocking and has excellent hands to catch the ball coming out of the backfield He also is pretty good when asked to play tight end . Millard would be an asset which would let the Broncos move on from Joel Dressen if they desired to do so . Putting Millard in the backfield with Monte Ball they should be able to pickup first downs and score in the red zone at will . It has been said that if Millard had not had the knee injury he would have been a day two pick so he is excellent value in round six .

Round seven . Kenneth Acker corner back of Southern Methodist 6'0" 190 lbs 4.50 forty

Acker was a pretty good shutdown corner for the mustangs and also has return skills for special teams so he is good value at this point in the draft and also provides more depth for the defensive back field .

Well thats it for this year and like I said I don't know what the front office will do . However I think each of these picks could really help the Broncos . the three that I want to see wearing the Orange and Blue the most are C J Mosley, Gabe Jackson and Trey Millard . These three players would help take this team to a higher level and there is not much more room at the top Go Broncos .

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