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I use metrics in business to help make decisions and you can bet NFL teams do the same thing spending a record amounts of money looking for traits. Try not to bore you with too many geeky details but here is my draft with some nuggets. I will try and be realistic with availability. For example Aaron Donald is best rated metric player of all time at DT by far for production and athleticism. But he won't be there.

Round 1 RaShede Hageman DT - He speed numbers for player over 300 lbs are rare indeed. Only eleven DL players have had better combine speed numbers who weighed over 300 lbs since 2006 and 8 have had good careers. Meaning over 70% chance he will be successful. With his Height and production metric of 1.1 at DT it further increases his chances. Then you factor how many double teams he faced its no wonder he wore down. He is a 3 down player and Seattle other teams proved how important it is to succeed with down lineman in rotation with little blitzing.

Alternate: Stephon Tuitt

Unavailable: C.J Mosley, Kyle Fuller, Ryan Shazier (take them if available in that order)

Round 2 Phillip Gaines CB - His overall speed is the best of all CB's and has incredible ball skills with 38 PBU last 2 season. Only has 4 interception but played with cast entire 2012 season. Production plus athletic metrics make him low risk player at high need area.

Alternate: Pierre Desir

Round 3 Kareem Martin DE - His production plus athletic metrics simply can't be ignored. With his length and size makes you wonder why he's not a first round player. He flashes first round potential and is just growing into his 6-6 frame. He's taller and bigger than Clowney and is Broad was 10'9 with production metric of 2.1!! Knock is simple, has not put it all together. Well like all tall players with high athleticism his numbers are trending higher just like Jason Tuck. He would be a steal and low risk - high reward player at critical position, Ware can mentor him.

Alternate: Jackson Jeffcoat, Chris Smith

Round 4 Robert Herron WR - Small and but strong and quick. Quickness numbers are very good and production is very high. Short arms large hands. He has metrics of top receiver but not the body. Translates well as Welker replacement but faster. Can be productive as returner and special teams player as he learns from greatest slot receiver of all time.

Alternate: Russel Bodine C

Round 5 Jeff Janis WR - Yes I know you think we like him and he will be there next round. No he won't, teams are really onto this kid. Crazy Metrics for production and athleticism. I will very interested to see if he last this long with over 25 teams having multiple contacts with this player. Has all the tools to have nice career with Manning can be solid #2.

Alternate: Maqueston Huff, Jordon Tripp

Round 6 Larry Webster DE - Yes he won't contribute except on special teams to start. Incredible athlete with great metrics. Had great production metric of 2.38 against inferior competition, tons of room to grow. Metric wise best player with lowest risk and highest ceiling.

Alternate: Avery Williamson, Yawin Smallwood

Round 7 Colt Lyerla TE - Simply an athletic marvel with as many red flags a player can have. Metric wise is the easiest decision of the entire board. If he can stay our of trouble he has all the makings of a Pro Bowl TE with Peyton. Left team, busted for drugs, lost license... You get the picture. Been out of trouble since, dumping his posse, his thug agent and working hard is the word. If no red flags would be top 60 pick. John doesn't pick these players, but wishing the kid the best.

Alternate A.C Leonard, Brett Smith

Understand OL was not addressed but just didn't see metric value available. Go Broncos!!!

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