An open letter to Bradley Roby (and the rest of our secondary)

First of all, welcome to our team Mr. Roby. I, like many of us around here, am extremely excited about your potential. You have the attitude we've been needing and should fit right in to the aggressive press coverage we seem to be building up. It's been pretty obvious to everyone around the NFL that we saw what the Seahawks could do on defense, and decided to create the same atmosphere for ourselves. Combining that with the top offense in the league should be a key to success. But it's that emulation of Seattle that I would like to discuss with our entire secondary this morning.

From all the reports and film I've watched on you since last night's draft, it's clear that you like to talk. That's not a bad thing. I'll continue to laugh every time someone mentions Shannon Sharpe repeating the phone number, digit by digit, of Derrick Thomas' girlfriend until he had a total melt down. And watching him call the president to inform him that we were killing the Patriots will always be an all-time classic. But there is a fine line between the trash talk on the field and the attitude you present off of it. Mr. Sharpe was always good at being confident, not arrogant off of the field. He never would have called a receiver sorry or ran them into the ground after a game. Do you see what I'm getting at?

We do want the physical, aggressive style of the Seahawks. But I hope I speak for all of Broncos Country (Note: It is Country, not Nation -- that's for the Raiders -- F*** the Raiders) when I say we do NOT want their attitude. I'm still disgusted by how terribly they acted after winning. In Denver, we expect role models. It's just as important to us to lose with grace as it is to win with it. Give the game your all, get in your opponents head... but afterward I want to see you shaking his hand. And if you can't say something positive, don't say anything about them at all (except for the Raiders -- F*** the Raiders).

The great thing about the Broncos, Mr. Roby, is that we have a vast selection of amazing role models and football players in our past for you to look up to and see what I'm talking about (don't let the prejudice hall of fame fool you). Terrell Davis, Champ Bailey, Floyd Little, Steve Atwater, Rod Smith, Ed McCaffery, Randy Gradishar, Karl Mecklenburg and many, many others -- including the man who drafted you -- the legend, John Elway. These are the men who we expect you, and the rest of our secondary to live up to. For a few of us, like myself, being a great role model off the field and showing our young Broncos fans how to be a man even comes before winning. I'm not expecting that to be the case for you, of course (in fact, I'd be terribly upset if it was), but I'm just trying to convey how important that aspect is around here.

So, to summarize: Yes, Broncos secondary (and everyone else on our team for that matter), we want you to play as aggressive as the team who crushed our souls last season. We want you to be physical and hit our opponents in the mouth repeatedly. If you want to talk, we can support that. Find the Shannon Sharpe inside of you and let it out. But always keep your eye on that fine line between confidence and arrogance. Please think of the young fans you are a role model for and, when in doubt, say something positive. If you think you're the best, GOOD. But let your play speak for you and not your mouth. Like I hope Walter Thurmond knows by now: If you have to tell people you're the best, you aren't. If you are, others will say it for you (like Bailey did for Chris Harris).

Once again, Roby, welcome to our team. And I just want to clarify that this letter has nothing to do with a pre-judgement on my part or that it says anything about my thoughts about you. You are simply a continuation of the nasty attitude we all crave and that the front office is building and a good opportunity for us to set some boundaries so that we don't lower ourselves to a level we don't want to be at.

And, as always, GO BRONCOS!

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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