Friendly round of golf, anyone? Broncos' Peyton Manning is testing, teaching rookies on the links

Christian Petersen

If Peyton Manning invites you to play golf, be ready to get crushed. (Orange Crush-ed, perhaps?)

So it turns out that if Peyton Manning asks you to go golfing, you better adjust your skirt because he's not there to put back a few cold ones and just enjoy the company.

This is serious business.

According to a fantastic read in the Wall Street Journal Wednesday, Manning's golf outings with players are not just "get-to-know-your-offense" field trips. In fact, it's more of a test for new guys.

"If it's a bad swing he's going to let you know. But that's great because if you drop a pass he's going to let you know. If you miss a block he's going to let you know," said Broncos second-year running back Montee Ball, who warned Manning it was "not going to be good" before their golf pairing last summer.

Rookies Cody Latimer and Michael Schofield had apparently assumed that when they were told of a team function at a golf course, it would be hitting the links with fellow newbies.

Instead, they became Manning's personal Golf Improvement Project as he tweaked stances, fixed swings and improved timing. Seems a little familiar, doesn't it?

The golf game was irrelevant. Manning's purpose was to get his offense used to his micromanagement on the football field that won't settle for "good enough."

Manning has noted before, according to the WSJ, he believes these scenarios "could win a game for you down the road."

In addition to the private golf lesson with Manning, Latimer and Schofield were also assigned to their quarterback's scramble team along with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders.

Manning made the less-experienced golfers take their bad shots first. "Then he'd crush it," Schofield said. The group finished two-under par.

Sound like his tactics in another game he plays pretty well? It worked for Schofield, the newest member of the PFM fan club.

"I learned," said Schofield, "that Peyton Manning is a genius."

Nothing Broncos Country didn't already know. Welcome to the club,'s nice in here.

Now how about that round of golf, Peyton?

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