Horse Tracks: Wishful thinking edition

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

A family member of mine, who happens to root for our least successful division rival, regularly reminds me that the Broncos are one Peyton Manning hit from a disastrous season. If you can't beat him on the field, why not postulate on what could possibly happen were he to blow out an ACL or take a forearm to his now non-issue neck? Remember folks, every team out there runs the risk of losing their star player and their season to injury. Perhaps time is better spent hoping for your team to win rather than fantasizing about our quarterback getting hurt.


It's a little sad that there's no mention of what the Chiefs can do to beat us in 2014 and, instead, this article chooses to cast hopes on Manning getting injured in the first half of the season. Here's a tiny excerpt from this little bit of wishful journalism:

Denver has a serious problem on their hands the first half of the season when it comes to keeping Manning upright and healthy. Remember Denver is shuffling their offensive line and will have "new" starters at guard and right tackle, and will also have a hobbled Ryan Clady playing left tackle.

If you think the article is gross, don't even bother taking a look at the comments. Just kidding, it's great for a laugh.


Orlando Franklin was "mad at the world" after his poor play in the Super Bowl led to his position change. Good. He should be mad. Cheers to him for having the passion to perform better. I sincerely hope he's the most ticked off left guard in the NFL next year and isn't afraid to take it out on opponents.


It's rare that people behind the scenes are acknowledged for all the hard work they put into the product that we know as Denver Broncos football, but on Monday, the Broncos PR staff got their due. The Professional Football Writers of America awarded them the Pete Rozelle Award. They've always been a great help to the MHR community and for that we give them a mighty Mile High Salute. Go ahead you guys, do a little touchdown dance. Nobody will blame you or flag you for it.


Linebacker Lamin Barrow, cornerback Bradley Roby, and wide receiver Isaiah Burse get a little attention in's offseason rookie report. It'll be interesting to see if their projections for the 2014 season come to pass.


On Monday, new Broncos wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders (@E_Sanders88)  answered questions submitted by Twitter users. Check it out here.  If you're not already following him, go ahead. It takes a good guy to do this kind of thing for two hours. Clearly you won't be disappointed.

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