Bradley Roby intercepts Peyton Manning, Cody Latimer hears 'Omaha' - Horse Tracks

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Good morning, Broncos Country! Being a rookie on Peyton Manning's team has to be intimidating, but it sounds like Broncos draft picks Bradley Roby and Cody Latimer are already getting the hang of it.

Don't pay Demaryius?

Here comes Mark Kiszla to troll both Demaryius Thomas and Brock Osweiler in one column. Kiszla on Sunday did what a lot of (bad) sports columnists tend to do these days - he passed off opinions as facts without stating any evidence to support them.

Kiszla declared that Demaryius Thomas is "not in the same league" as Detroit's Calvin Johnson and urged the Broncos not to come near Johnson's $16.2 million price tag. He also implied that D.T. isn't worth anything beyond a three-year deal, saying "Come 2017, not even a $15 million receiver will make Brock Osweiler look good."

He explained his first assertion with the usual rehashed garbage about Manning making Thomas better. While this is undeniably true, it's unfair to Thomas, who made the most of a far inferior thrower in Tim Tebow in 2011 and single-armedly won the Broncos their first playoff game in half a decade.

Furthermore, according to ProFootballFocus, which strives to grade receivers independently of their quarterbacks, Thomas was the fifth-ranked wide receiver in the NFL in 2013 with a +21.3 grade. Calvin Johnson was fourth at 22.5. That is certainly the "same league."

Regarding Osweiler, Kiszla offers no explanation to his anti-Brock bias at all.

Frankly, Demaryius Thomas is the most-likely future face of the Broncos' franchise, if they find a long-term deal this offseason. And there's nothing wrong with that at all.

Bradley Roby brags about picking off Manning

Here's a cool story from Roby's Ohio roots.

Former Ohio State corner­back and Denver Broncos rookie Bradley Roby received confirmation that he belongs in the NFL when he intercepted a pass from 13-time Pro Bowler Peyton Manning in an offseason practice.

"I picked him off and went to the house," Roby said. "It was a proud moment for me because he’s a legend. I don’t want to put him on front street, but that’s been one of my highest moments."

Four cornerbacks, including the Browns’ Gilbert, were drafted before the Broncos took Roby 31st overall. He’s not going to forget it.

"I think I’m the best out of them," Roby said. "And I look to show that this year."

Cody Latimer hears Omaha

Denver Broncos rookie wide receiver Cody Latimer was interviewed by fellow rookies during the NFL Rookie Premiere. Check out the full video below.

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