Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Each Other

I have not written an article for Mile High Report in quite some time, I get so wrapped up in making new Twitter connections to further my career (hopefully) and only take the time to comment on MHR, while generally treating things as the off-season.

Nevertheless, I am ignominiously vexed and sincerely saddened by Broncos fans who are excessively lambasting posters just because they have the audacity to have a different opinion.

With that said, I have felt the inspiration which comes to me at sundry times and, seemingly in the most inexplicable circumstances, and now is one of those times.

First of all, a refresher's course on the Bradfather methodology is also essential to the success of this article as it hopefully penetrates all of your psyches.

I, as one with Italian (British and Danish as well) heritage, have created the Bradfather persona, intentionally meant to be counter-intuitive to the Marlon Brando "Godfather" methodology.

Thus, where Il Camora and other Mafiosi organizations seek to plunder and enslave, I seek to share my time and empower, especially concerning myself, for how can I lift others to heights I am not at myself?

I have committed sins in getting myself blocked from Arrowhead Pride, Silver Screen and Roll, Bolts From the Blue and Windy City Gridiron, but I have matured in my SB Nation experience and take great pride in writing my "Ask a Broncos Friend" posts for our opponents last season and will continue this in 2014. Of course, in this endeavor, all glory, laud and honor belongs to J_Man, I take notes from the padrone as he publishes peace wheresoever he goes.

With that said, I think that Mile High Report needs to raise the bar and hasten the work of having one another's backs. Nevertheless, it's extremely difficult to do that, if not overwhelmingly impossible, when backbiting occurs.

I exhort everyone who reads this to treat others the way they would like to be treated, I, of course, have said numerous ludicrous things but Ozark and Whorfin, among others, are invaluable in correcting me and leading me on "the path to righteousness."

Tim Lynch is, by his own admission, not a journalist, but he is a blogger and is among those in temporal authority at MHR, so honor him, give him respect. As you might have guessed, this deference is to be extended to all who appear on the "masthead" you can find at the bottom of the MHR page, as well as all other members who post here.

As Sadaraine has often said, (I speak in regard to Kolorado Kaos' assertion that Lynch's work needs to be removed,) if Kaos, or any other member can write better, put your money where your mouth is, and write a post.

Perhaps you receive "impromptu inspiration" as I heretofore have. If so, don't let the thought pass, write what you feel and I think you have a high probability of enhancing this already illustrious site.

In closing, I feel humble among the great repositories of knowledge that can be found on MHR and look forward to learning something new so I can expand my horizons, both metaphorically and geographically as I plan to move on within the next few months or so.

We did not become the envy of SB Nation by resorting to tawdry tactics you will often see on Arrowhead Pride (if you're fortuitous enough not to have been blocked anyway :), so let's remember that, like any NFL team, we are only as strong as our weakest link.

I have also affixed a poll, to ensure that I am doing my best to serve the best interests of the community. Please give honest feedback so I can improve wherein I am deficient.

I love you all my friends, so go forth, treat everyone with deference and honor the temporal authority of MHR and it shall be well with you, the Bradfather has spoken :)

This is a Fan-Created Comment on The opinion here is not necessarily shared by the editorial staff of MHR

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