Thanks For Everything

No, Bronco Mike, for the record, I want you to know that this post is not what erudite Whorfin would call a "mea culpa," because I feel no guilt, I just feel gratitude for this illustrious community and the things I learn every day!

Anyway, to start things off, this permanent Bradfather paradigm shift consists of me being a peacemaker. When I was a little kid, my mom always said: "Brad, you are the best peacemaker," when your friends, brothers and sisters and cousins fight, you always say, stop it, it makes me sad."

While going through my own self-realization process as an adult, I realize that this is one thing about me that hasn't changed and likely never will.

I have been responsible for some contention on this site and it bothers me so I am going to extend the olive branch to Kaos, my liege and anyone else who has a differing view from my own.

Ozark reminded me that at Stampede Blue, the Colts' SB site, that Brad Wells has left. If you know anything about that site, Wells had an "adept proclivity" for stirring the pot and my Colts' friends were glad to see him go.

They all acknowledge me to be the "best Brad" there and that's precisely what I plan to do here.

As the masthead has heretofore informed and reminded me, Mile High Report is all about the Broncos, the best team in the cosmos and nothing posted thereon that detracts therefrom should subsist. After contemplating things in my mind, I realize this is true and no detraction shall occur on my part again.

Meanwhile, insomuch as my Twitter timeline is highly cosmopolitan (something I am truly proud of :), let us ensure, at MHR, that varying takes and analyses are heard and not refuted.

This is more proactive than my "Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words To Each Other" post and that's exactly how Peyton and the other alpha dogs on this roster would want it.

Champions make things happen by expediting change while losers do nothing to improve their situation. Thus, I hope that this post bolsters this already-epic blog and we all remain United in Orange.

The ties that bind us are more potent than those forces which threaten to dissuade us at every turn so I love you all and GO BRONCOS!!! :)

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