It's the Little Things

Training camp is upon us within 7 days as illustrious blog padrone Kyle Montgomery has reminded us. With that said, we can finally move on and expunge the ignominious specter of last season's Super Bowl.

As I was discussing things earlier this week with my CFL buddy and fellow Broncos aficionado Gelder, I had a thought, so I have determined to put things in writing.

It really is the little things, not only in our everyday lives that make the difference but for the Broncos as well.

As Gelder and I chatted at each other at another post on Mile High Report, we decided that if looking pragmatically at things, we are at least the Seahawks' equal if we are going man for man. Incidentally, both teams' cheerleading troupes are gorgeous, but Broncos Cheer follows me on Twitter and only select Sea Gals do, so that's another "intangible" for those scoring at home :)

Thus, if you have a vague memory of the Super Bowl, you can see that the little things snowballed and before we knew it, we were on the wrong end of one of the most lopsided championship games in NFL history.

From the moment that Manny Ramirez hiked a snap that Gheorghe Muresan couldn't reach near our own goal line, it just seemed that the technicalities were an oversight. Against a meticulous team like the Seattle Seahawks that is a recipe for disaster and must be rectified.

I trust it will because not only do I believe in forgiveness, I trust that Peyton's presence permeates the franchise in ways that not many fans truly comprehend.

I love John Fox, or "Coach Zorro," as I prefer to call him, realizing that he knows the game and can get along with people. After a day of work when coworkers (or parents) get pissed at you for spurious reasons, that latter point is of transcendent importance.

Nevertheless, I hope that Fox catches the Peyton vision and steps his game up, insomuch as I have been prompted to do in my personal affairs, and as I trust that Peyton has inspired everyone adorned in orange and blue on the sidelines every week to do.

If Fox will make adjustments based on his errors, I believe they are all rectifiable, then in all honesty, there is no team in the NFL that can knock us off when it counts. It is a team effort, and if every Bronco player, coach and executive appertains to the magnificence of our beloved trainer, "Greek," I'm thinking we'll be hoisting the Lombardi trophy come February 1.

If you doubt my assessment about little things being important, in closing, just look at the Houston Texans last season. Read and rec this if you'd like to, I'd be honored :) GO BRONCOS!!!

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