Thoughts before the start of camp

I sit here today drooling thinking of actually getting real Bronco news again. It has been so nice to not have all the negative bs of last year in the headlines. Just think, we made it to the Superbowl with all these distractions, what can we do with a clean start?

As training camp starts, I have some discussion points I would like you all to comment on. While I do think we have improved our team dramatically, there are still going to be surprises as camp progresses. Where is that going to be?

1. With the players returning from Injury, plenty of players will be given the opportunity to step up. Q. Smith, Roby and Latimer all will have extra chances to shine with the players ahead of them being limited. ( I say this as I think we will see very little of Welker in the preseason to continue to let his head clear) I think these players will earn regular season time in more than a relief role because of this that is if they step up.

2. MLB as much as we lament the position, the Broncos don't seem to value it as much as we all do. I think with the experience Irving got replacing Miller, he is in prime position to take this job. The rookie Barrow is intriging but think he will end up being Travathon's backup or replace Irving on passing downs.

3. W/R This will be huge to see how it shakes out. It all revolves around the return game and special teams who makes that final spot. As I see it, there is only one spot open and maybe not even that if Robinson can stick at TE cause he can swing. Burse will be given the chance to be the returner but we really need on field production from our return guy even if it is in mop up or short term injury relief. Having someone take up a roster spot to just be a returner is not a luxury we can have with as many good players we need to keep across the roster.

4. This brings me to Special Teams. Who is the returner, Is it Bubba, Burse, someone else? This will be a key to the final 53 if you ask me.

5. RB Are we to young? I think Ball will be great. Can Hillman stay #2 if he hangs on to the ball? Will CJ be our short yardage bulldozer? Which rookie will show enough to be on the 53 and can they stash the other one that I expect to make a case on the PS? This will be one of the most scrutinized position battles of camp for both us and the press I am thinking.

6. DL We are very strong with versatile players along the front end. Someone will get cut that is a surprise here. I am looking forward to seeing if that Austin kid can play, If Sly can continue his late season play and actually improve on it. Can Big Vick play a reserve role and heal from his hip. I think this is the key to our D. If we can apply more pressure with our line and Miller/Smith/Ware, our DB's will look very good. I feel that was our biggest issue last year. Teams that could get pressure with their 4 man DL and were quick really slowed us down. This will contribute to more turnovers and INT's.

7. We have to teach our players to look for the ball better. Webster/Carter were often in great coverage but had no clue where the ball was. If they can just "turn their head" we will have many more turnovers.

8. OL. I think we finally have some depth on then line. It will be interesting to see how Fudge does at left guard and who will be the backups across the line. One of our weakest backup positions now seems to be a strength.

Go Broncos, Cant wait to see what everyone is thinking as we get ready to finally get started.

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