Strictly My Opinion

20/20 Hindsight: Re-Drafting the 2010 Draft

Taking a look back at the Broncos' draft class of 2010 and re-drafting it in hindsight.

Super Bowl return: Mission Impossible?

Can the Broncos become the first team since 1972 to lose the Super Bowl one season and return to win it the following one?

Michael Sam is a football player

What's important is whether he can sack the quarterback.

Manning and the Thirty-One

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks compare Manning's career to those of the thirty-one Hall of Fame quarterbacks.

The Men Who Stare at Goats

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks talk about legacies and the G.O.A.T.

How Good Have Seattle's Opponents Been on Offense?

Have the Seahawks faced an offense quite like the Broncos in 2013?

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII: Experience vs Youth

The Water Cooler QBs look at the relative Super Bowl experience between the teams' starters and coaches

It's Broncos vs Brady, not Manning vs Brady

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks look at Denver's success against Tom Brady at home.

2013 - Best of the Best?

Comparing the 2013 offense to the best Broncos offenses since 1970

Then There Were Twelve

The Water Cooler Quarterback(s) looks at the playoff field


Water Cooler Quarterbacks: Christmas Edition

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks predict the playoff slate.

How Will the Playoff Seeds Fare?

A look at the teams currently holding seeds for the 2013 playoffs

Wind or Cold? No Problem for Peyton

Looking to debunk the myth that Manning cannot play in the cold or the wind.

Peyton - Worse, Same, Better on the Long Ball?

Does the claim that the post-surgery Peyton is less able to throw deep hold water?

Denver 49 Kansas City 45

A score prediction? Not exactly. The Broncos have played the Chiefs ninety-four times since 1966. How have they fared?

Broncos Chiefs excel; Chargers Raiders not so much

How the teams of the AFC West have been finishing Games

MHR's Overreactions: Chiefs Week

Pete is back in the hizzouse to lay the smacketh down on your prognostications!

Offense sells tickets, Defense wins championships?

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks look at "Offense sells tickets, defense wins championships"

Broncos vs. Chiefs: What makes a Rivalry?

Have the Broncos and Chiefs really had a rivalry in recent memory?

JDR Interim Head Coach: What does it mean?

Remember giving something the "old college try?" Well here is my "college try" sorting out what Jack Del Rio in charge means for the Broncos.

Kansas City Chiefs: How do we beat them?

Not going to talk about X's and O's specifically. There is plenty of time to get into that next week. There is a trend that everyone should be aware of right now, a trend that the Broncos can use...

Peyton or Eli, Who's Better?

Is the Ring the Thing when comparing the quarterback brothers?

How will the Water Cooler QB's finish?

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks look back to look forward to the second half of 2013

Does CJ deserve a shot?

19 carries, 65 yards, 1 fumble

Are we the Denver Broncos or the Peyton Mannings?

What exactly is our identity so far?

First Down Yards are Important

The Water Cooler Quarterbacks look at the importance of gaining yards on first down.

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