Denver Broncos Quarterback Club


The Quarterback club's initial purpose was to create excitement and gain support for the fledgling AFL franchise. Our purpose has evolved over the years to support children from disadvantaged situations. The club also serves as a place for fellow Broncomaniacs to share their enthusiasm and support of the team, to meet players and coaches and generally have a great time while doing some good in the community.

Chris Harris: Pro Bowler in 2014?


Elway Confirms Ayers is Part of Defensive Plan


"As I've said, those guys out there (Dwight Freeney and John Abraham) are options, but the bottom line is we also feel very comfortable with Robert Ayers. He's going to be at the right (defensive) end—as of right now he's our starter at right end."

Will Broncos Target Olympian Lawrence Okoye ?


A dark horse could be 21-year-old British Olympic discus record holder Lawrence Okoye. Okoye is being targeted by "five leading NFL teams," according to Ian Stafford of the Daily Mail. After participating in Atlanta's regional combine last week, Okoye has drawn interest from several teams and plans to workout at another regional combine in Dallas on April 7.

John Elway The Best Quarterback Trade of All-Time


1. John Elway, Broncos 1983. The first pick in the draft, Elway wanted nothing to do with playing for the Baltimore Colts and forced them to deal him to the Broncos. Some rank him as the best quarterback of all-time. He certainly was one of the greatest clutch performers in NFL history. His 148-82-1 record as a starter is one of the best ever. Here is the bonus part of the Elway acquisition: he’s still paying dividends for the team at the age of 52 as he is quickly becoming one of the most respected executives in the game.

Von evades the Madden Curse


Von Miller was eliminated from ESPN Madden 25 cover voting in Round 2. (Terrell Davis was too, which is less pertinent as far as the Madden Curse goes... but at least the former Super Bowl MVP can walk down the stairs with a bit more ease of mind.)

McShay has Te'o to Broncos in latest mock


With the 28th overall pick in the 2013 draft, the Denver Broncos select... Manti Te'o? Stick around, we'll be busting out a scouting profile of Te'o later this afternoon!

Broncos have $4.9 million cap space to play with


The Broncos are sitting at $8.8 million under the cap per PFT, but need over $3.9 million to sign their 2013 rookie class. That leaves them roughly $4.9 million to play with in free agency, should they choose to.

Breakdown of Draft's Top Pass Rushers


Some metrics looking at a few of the draft's top pass rushing prospects.

Shaun Phillips


I know he's not on everyone's radar right now, but he's only 10-15lbs lighter than Dumervil, and has seen a lot of success rushing the passer in San Diego. He has the frame to put on 15lbs and start with his hand in the dirt. What does MHR think about converting Phillips to a 3-down DE?


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