Coming July 20: Unfinished Business Season 2

  1. It will be a quick overview of the off-season.
  2. It will take a look the 2014 season.
  3. It will discuss the concerns about what the Broncos are lacking on O and D.
  4. It will address the reason for the author's reluctance in wearing his team's colors since the disaster in New Jersey..
  5. All of this coming soon July 20!

Is Tebow still in the running for Madden 2012

  1. I would vote for him just to see what they do.

Possible Scenario (Not suggesting it, just saying)

  1. Sign Peyton Manning
  2. Trade Tebow to Jags for 7th overall pick
  3. Trade back to 12 (Seahawks) or 14 (Cowboys)
  4. Draft Tannehill
  5. Let him learn under Peyton Manning for two years and develop

Question: Did Von Miller not have 2.5 sacks last night? Please tell me if I'm missing something.

  1. .5 When he and Doom met at Sanchez in the 2nd Q
  2. 1 When Sanchez missed the snap and fell on it for a big loss on a 3rd Down in the 4th. (Miller was the first Bronco there)
  3. 1 When Miller blew up RT Wayne Hunter in the closing minute and got the sack.

New England has released CB Leigh Bodden

  1. Could he be an upgrade to Denver's secondary ?

Tebow Leads the Broncos in Rushing Average Through First 3 Pre-season Games

  1. Tim Tebow (6.71 avg, 7 rushes, 47 yards, 19 long)
  2. Knowshon Moreno (4.9 avg, 20 rushes, 98 yards, 14 long)
  3. Jeremiah Johnson (4.5 avg, 12 rushes, 54 yards, 13 long)
  4. Lance Ball (3.43 avg, 21 rushes, 72 yards, 12 long)
  5. Brandon Minor (2.92 avg, 12 rushes, 35 yards, 11 long)

Raider Fan's prediction for what Davis does with Jokeland

  1. Trades entire team for Maroney
  2. Plays every position, except RB
  3. Is OC, DC, and HC since he knows everything
  4. Gives away what is left of salary cap, since obviously it'd be rude to make the other team pay for those players
  5. First team to finish worse then 0-16

Lance Ball is Quietly Having Himself a Nice Year as a Backup Running Back

  1. HOU vs DEN Rush: 5, Yards: 38, Avg: 7.6, Long: 15
  2. DEN vs OAK Rush: 15, Yards: 20, Avg: 1.3 Long: 8 (note: clearly the aberration on the list; highest average for the day from any DEN RB, tied with Knowshon)
  3. DEN vs ARI Rush: 8, Yards: 38, Avg: 4.86, Long: 19
  4. DEN vs KC (no rushing attempts)
  5. STL vs DEN Rush: 4, Yards: 31, Avg: 7.8, Long: 17

Broadcast Maps for Week 10

  1. CBS-
  2. FOX Early-
  3. FOX Late-
  4. We got Kevin Harlan, former radio voice of the Chiefs.
  5. He's the guy that goes "Touchdownnnnnnnnnnnnnn Kannnnnnnssssssssaaaaaasssss Cityyy!" Wonderful.
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