Need to fix Roster page

  1. Patrick Honeycutt was waived
  2. Britt Davis (WR) was signed and given #17

Week 17: Who To Root For: A Quick Primer or Let's Go, Ohio!

  1. Houston vs New England
  2. Cincinnati vs New York Jets
  3. Oakland (I know) vs Baltimore
  4. Miami (Probably) vs Pittsburgh
  5. Cleveland vs Jacksonville

Top 10 Signs you are a MHR fan cont.

  1. MSM is a bad word
  2. +1
  3. You don't gamble but you visit the horse tracks everyday.
  4. You spend your summers in La La Land
  5. You want to punch the NFL Network Cast in the face!

Top 10 signs you are a MHR fan!

  1. While you are trying to cut MSG out of your diet you can't get enough TSG!
  2. 13-3 baby!
  3. You might not talk to bears but you definately listen to one.
  4. You audit as many classes as you can from MHU.
  5. Jabs, Royal w/ Cheese, & Slot Machine sounds like a starting WR Corps not a bad night in Vegas.

Broncos with Twitter Accounts

  1. @eddieroyal19 @champbailey
  2. @ronaldfields @knowshonmoreno
  3. Darius Walker = @D_Walk
  4. Alphonso Smith = @zosmith
  5. Wesley Woodyard = @laGrangeRover16

Zappa's Top 5 Expectations/Predictions for the 2009 Season

  1. 8-8 or better for the Broncos = A step in the right direction
  2. "The Patriot Way" will become the next "Bill Walsh West Coast System"
  3. Jay Cutler and the Bears will miss the playoffs
  4. LDT will have a Pro Bowl season
  5. Vince Young will be Titans starter by years end's Offensive Rookie of the Year List -- Where is Eddie Royal??

  1. Matt Ryan, QB, Falcons (1): His play has been so exceptional this season that he should garner some consideration as the league MVP.
  2. Matt Forte, RB, Bears (3): The Bears' star is one of the most complete backs to enter the league in recent years. Forte is the league's fifth-leading rusher (1,012 yards) and his 48 receptions are the most of any running back.
  3. Chris Johnson, RB, Titans (2): The electrifying runner broke out of his recent slump with his big performance against the Lions (16 carries, 125 rushing yards). Johnson is second in the AFC with 958 rushing yards.
  4. Joe Flacco, QB, Ravens (4): He is maturing from game manager to playmaker in the Ravens' offense. Flacco has thrown at least one touchdown in the Ravens' past seven games and only two interceptions during that span.
  5. Steve Slaton, RB, Texans (5): The sensational playmaker has come on strong during the past few weeks. He has topped the century mark in two of the last three games and is averaging five yards per carry.

Five GOOD Things So Far In 2008

  1. First Place in AFC West
  3. 1-0 VS. San Diego Chargers
  4. Young Players + Inconsistent Play = Only Going to Get Better Over Time
  5. The Defense has Shown Up Two Weeks in a Row!

Week 1 Broncos Videos

  1. Cutler:
  2. Royal:
  3. NFLTA Highlights:
  4. Game Recap/Highlights:
  5. Broncos Press Conference Excerpts:

Which jersey should I ask for from my parents for Christmas?

  1. B-Marsh
  2. Doom
  3. Eddie Royal
  4. (sorry I posted this like this, I didn't want to waste a fanpost.)
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