Tony Romo whining to the media again


They grab, they hold, they've almost put a lot of pressure on the refs – whether or not they're going to call the game close or not, if they get called once or twice, that's a good thing. But they're all over guys as far as using the little tricks, I guess you could say, that good linebackers and good secondaries use when they're playing man coverage.

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Why Denver Broncos will succeed


"I think a big part of it is we all want to win for this guy,’’ said Decker. "The line plays like, ‘Don’t let Peyton get hit.’ The receivers are like, ‘Run that route exactly the way it should be run.’ It goes to defense and special teams too. It’s a sign of unselfishness. I also think it has to do with our expectations. Even after a game like this, the attitude in the locker room was, ‘That was good, not great.’ That’s Peyton.’’



Is it pretty easy to get a ticket in the parking lot?


Woodyard made Pryor forget the entire game


Terrelle Pryor ‏@TerrellePryor 37m Sorry about the loss RaiderNation. I don't remember much ! Good hit by whoever it was. I heard our team fought well .. We will be back!


Is 2013 Peyton Manning's swan song?


And what a swan song it will be. For the 16 weeks before it gets too cold in the Rockies for a man of advancing years and receding strength to properly grip a football, Manning will treat us to one final dance with greatness. Good night, sweet Sheriff.

Robert Klemko predicts 2013 will be Manning's final season, wins NFL MVP, loses in playoffs. - MMQB

Peyton Manning: "We are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year"


When we’re on the field on offense – I love our fans’ excitement – but if we can just find that controlled noise level... I believe we are going to go for it on some fourth downs this year and maybe not cheering when we’re going for it on fourth down – wait and see and if we get it, cheer then. To me, it’s a hard thing. These fans have so much enthusiasm, but for a receivers standpoint, you’d love to have that homefield advantage where you wouldn’t have to signal at home.

Peyton Manning on 850 KOA AM, as transcribed by I know the quote is about fans keeping their cool on 4th downs, but I'm just stoked to hear that Manning believes they'll be going for it at all. Fox Ball takes a hit in 2013!

What will Manning be doing in 15 years?


KING: What will you be doing in 15 years? MANNING: That’s a good question. A very good question. [Pauses for six seconds ...] You know, a lot of times you’re in the locker room, and you hear guys talking about some investment or some appearance they’re gonna make, and how much money they’re gonna get from it, and I’m looking at them, thinking, That’s the guy who dropped two balls in practice today, or, That’s the guy who missed that block Sunday. The point is, this is what I do now, and I think I owe everything I’ve got to the Broncos to try to win this season. So I’m not going to answer that question. I do hope that what I do after football doesn’t get the quite the attention and news coverage it got the last time I changed teams and came here.

Peter King - MMQB

Manning prep


My time management is a little tougher, but he told me on Mondays, Peyton will watch all third downs. On Tuesday, he'll watch first-and-10s and first-and-10-plus. On Wednesdays, he'd watch all the blitz tape. On Thursdays, he'll watch the complete game. On Fridays, he'll watch the complete game again. On Saturdays, he'll watch a bunch of cut-ups and what he wants to see situational football. He's got it all mapped out in increments so it's not boring.

Nevada QB Cody Fajardo: We're more of a team now -

"I don't think anyone on this team cares about catching 100 balls"


"I don’t think anyone on this team cares about catching 100 balls. It’s about getting to that championship and having a ring on our finger."

- Eric Decker, Denver Broncos minicamp, 2013.06.11

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