Goodbye Deacon Jones


"All I needed was one blink, and I was by you." "I could outrun daylight" s best games to see the tribute.

Don't piss off Joel Dreessen, please.


"The only thing I try to tell these rookies is, ‘Study. Stay away from the video games. If you pick up a video game controller at the hotel I’m going to be pissed off. So just study your playbook, please."

-Broncos tight end Joel Dreessen

"He's the first one in the building"


"He’s the first one in the building," North Carolina quarterback Bryn Renner says. "I’m like, ‘Sly, man, what are you doing?’ And he’s like, ‘Nothing, man. Gotta get better.’ He’s so humble about it."

- UNC QB Bryn Renner on Broncos first round draft pick DT Sylvester Wiliams. The Sporting News [via Tar Heel Blog]

Le'Veon Bell Works Out For Broncos


"I just worked out for them, I thought it went great," said Bell.



When Manti comes to our locker room, I would make it light, I'd make it fun, I'd make him comfortable.

Von Miller: Manti Te'o teasing would be temporary

Well done.


I must say, I love what you guys have done to the place. The site seems to be updated more frequently and the stories have been well done. Kudos.


Lets hope this all works out for the best.


@MikeKlis: #Broncos officially back in in pursuit of Elvis Dumervil: "We've offered Elvis a contract'' said John Elway. More at


Broncos ask Dumervil to Restructre


@VicLombardi SOURCES: Broncos looking to restructure Elvis Dumervil's contract. They want him back, but for less money.

@ VicLombardi

Saints, Broncos make initial trade offers for Revis


Incarcerated Bob, a highly criticized source, has indicated inside sources have told him that our Broncos have made an initial offer of our 1st and 3rd round picks in this years draft in exchange for Darrelle Revis. Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints have reportedly offered Mark Ingram and picks. It has been mentioned that the Jets are using the Broncos and Saints to lure the 49ers into trade talks. Although this "news" should be taken with a grain of salt, it should be noted that Incarcerated Bob (IBN) has been right on a number of occasions well before MSM including our very own Peyton Manning. Who knows what may happen? Regardless, we should be ecstatic for another exciting offseason. Win now. Go Broncos!

Revis and Champ (Good Champ not Playoff's vs Ravens Champ) would be a scary CB duo.. Elway trying to make it happen #IBN stay tuned..— Incarcerated Bob IBN (@incarceratedbob) March 2, 2013 @theswofford Seems the initial offers have been late 1stRd picks and 3rd from Broncos -- Saints offering Ingram and picks (But not a 1st)— Incarcerated Bob IBN (@incarceratedbob) March 3, 2013

Alex Smith traded!?!


The 49ers have expressed to others that a deal for QB Alex Smith is effectively complete. Can't be finalized til league year begins 3/12 Per @JasonLaCanfora
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