Chris Johnson signs with Jets

The New York Jets have signed free-agent running back Chris Johnson to a two-year, $8 million deal.

Boy Scouts meet Peyton Manning

Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning spoke at a Boy Scouts of America Denver Area Council Sports Breakfast earlier today.

Julius Thomas will be on Sport Science

Broncos tight end Julius Thomas filmed a spot with ESPN's Sport Science earlier this week. The feature is expected to air this summer.

happy 29th Bubba!

Andre Caldwell celebrates 29 years.

Brandon Graham on Trade Block

Would he be a good fit? I think so. But I don't know what we'd give Philly for him.

Silver linings

At least we don't have to worry about this with Von Miller.

LA Airport police detained 49ers LB Aldon Smith after he indicated he possessed a bomb, per public LA policeinformation officer Karla Ortiz.

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) April 13, 2014

Warning! Religious thoughts.


So, I've been thinking a lot lately about the post(s) on homosexuality. I can't lie, every time I see anything from Warren in the post(s) it hits me again. Not that that's good or bad, just that that's what I associate him with now.

Well, me personally, raised in a religious household, I've always thought that homosexuality was a choice. Just because that's what I have always been told. Homosexuality is wrong, period. I still feel that it is wrong, I have just changed my view on the fact that they have a choice.

What sticks with me is (the bottom line to all of the comments) homosexuality a choice or something gay people are born with? I now agree with general consensus that it not necessarily genetic, but something they can not change. I am not gay and have a hard time connecting with all of it. I am sorry if anything I say here offends anyone who is gay. I have come to admire the strife they have fought though to just live their life the way it seems to be marked out for them. All of the implications of 'coming out', leading to persecution by those of us that can not comprehend what it is all about and feel God ruled it to be wrong. To them it seems right. Why would they go through with all of these struggles, if they could change? That is where I've changed. It's not about what I believe. It's about what they believe. In a "me" world, that concept is hard to accept.

His post has changed me. I now know, being gay is not a choice. A person cannot choose who they are attracted to. However, I do still believe it is a choice to act on that attraction. It has now become acceptable, which is OK with me. I mean if you're going to hide your attraction toward the same sex, because you feel (or have been told) it is wrong, but you still act on the impulse, because that's who you are inside, then that is not an acceptable way to live, in my eyes. However, you can not hide from God. Every day, every person, sins against God. Sex sins are probably the most frequent. Whether a person believes they are sinning or not is between them and God. This goes way beyond homosexuality. I'm not going to get into all the sex sins. Maybe they are not controllable either, I don't know. I do know, I commit my fair share of sins. Christ died on the cross to forgive us of our sins. He forgives us any thought or action we do. If we ask him to forgive us sincerely, He does. I know I personally have to ask him to forgive me multiple times a day. One of those sins is judging others by what I believe is right or wrong. Judging a homosexual for his sins while I lustfully, wrongfully and willing commit my own sins is also a sin. Quite possibly the greatest sin of all.

Anyway, the post(s) about homosexuality was an eye opener for me personally. They changed me a lot. I hope for the better. I believe everyone has the right to live their own life without being judged or persecuted by religions. Maybe this makes me a bad Christian. That is my choice I guess.

Live - Bowling with Broncos

I'm here, and so is Julius Thomas! Matt Prater and Duke Ihenacho are also expected at this Make a Wish Foundation event in Las Vegas. You can follow me on twitter @MileHighReport for updates.

Bronco Twitter Accounts

@CjAndersonRB9 @ballrb28 @Os_Island @JohnNBoyett @D_Brut30 @Acaldwell17 @QuintonCarter28 @tonycarter904 @Jamar51Chaney @RyanClady @halldavis72 @JoelDreessen @ZDysert4 @i_Serve24 @OFranklin74 @sionefua @BenGarland63 @VGreen85 @mvpbig @ChrisHarrisJr @Bama_Boy256 @MrHillman2U @NachoLyfe @JusSayNate @TheMalikJackson @SMJ2852 @MrKnighton2u @JKonz46 @BMarshh54 @maKrazy47 @Rmiller73 @Millerlite40 @CMorrahEighty8 @Aagent23 @BrockOsweiler17 @Dark_Horse757 @RealNaPalm @G_Rob10 @E_Sanders88 @AqibTalibCB @JacobTamme @DemaryiusT @Julius_Thomas @Grindin_59 @MitchellJUnrein @LouisVasquez65 @BossWard43 @DeMarcusWare @kayvonwebster @WesWelker @JerodisWilliams @Sylwil92 @DerekWolfe95 @JohnYouboty

Darin and Twitter

Broncos Land Ware......

I'm sorry... but I was just sitting at my desk and thought about this... Its 3rd and 7.... QB takes the snap.. looks up and sees Pot Roast, Ware, Von, and Malik Jackson coming for him... and behind that... 7 guys in coverage. That's GOT to be tough. WTF are you supposed to do with that?? Obviously this is old news and this is only on paper... but imagine if it plays out like it's supposed to?? That's scary.


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