The Aftermath: Broncos win ugly at Arrowhead

Peter Aiken

Then again wins in KC usually are.

Even going back to last year, it took a Tebow strike to Decker for a long TD to put the game away. Overall, the Broncos offense seems to be struggling as of late. In two of the last 3 weeks, we have made some costly mistakes that have stalled promising drives and have kept points off the board. The good news? it can only get better, and a struggling Broncos offense is still much, much better than most----just ask the Chiefs who failed to make the endzone.

Looking at each unit, here's what I liked and didn't like


- Manning INT into double coverage. Horrible decision, and overthrown.

- Drops

- O line giving up a lot of pressure and a few sacks

- Manning inaccurate---at one time was throwing for 75% in the game, finished at 59%.

+ DT had only 4 catches, but surpassed 1000 yards for the season and his catches came at key times. TD down the left side against man coverage, first down to seal the deal.

+ Knowshon Moreno. Coaches made a really poor decision to have him inactive all this time. If Lance Ball sees the field over him again this season it would be a bad, bad, mistake. You had a good game bud, keep it up!

+ Manning making plays when he had to. This was a tough defense to face and the coverage and pressure were there all game. Manning may not have had a great game but he made plays when we needed them the most. That's all you could ask for.


- Chiefs gained way too many yards on the ground.

- weird penalty by WW to prolong a Chiefs drive

- our D-line got pushed around way too much

- Brooking needed to be replaced by DJ.

- not much pressure today, in their defense they were facing a lot of quick throws and checkdown Charlie.

+ Stellar on 3rd downs once again allowing the Chiefs to convert 3/14 (21%)

+ kept the Chiefs out of the endzone

+ allowed only 13 first downs

Really, the defense did their job. Jamal Charles is a heck of a RB. They gave up some yards but that's about it.

Special Teams

- Two missed FG's

- Jim Leonard almost muffing the punt at the end of the game

- Punting was not of Britton Colquitt quality today.

+ Trindon Holliday, fun to watch, gets to top speed so quickly.

As far as Prater, with the two misses today, he now sits at 16/20 for the year (80%). That is about his career average. The 2nd kick from 30+ was horrible, can't miss those. I won't harp on it too much, gonna get a bad game every now and then, but definitely worth watching from here on out.

Overall, gotta be happy with the win. The Broncos are now 8-3, 4-2 on the road, 4-0 in the division, 6-2 in the AFC and very much in the hunt for a 1st round playoff bye. Gotta take care of business against Baltimore and hope NE stumbles at some point. What a difference a year and Manning makes when a 6 game winning streak is expected and not touted huh?

Go Broncos!!!

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