Game day threads

Go Raiders? Blah... Go Steelers! - Open Thread


If you just can't bring yourself to root for the Raiders, then its got to be the Steelers tonight. The Broncos need help, so we'll need to swallow our pride some and pull for the team that has a...

Let's all be Dolphins fans: Sunday open thread


A Dolphins win over the Patriots would put the Broncos back in the driver's seat in the AFC playoff race.

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread


Hopefully this is our rally thread, but with how our coaching staff has decided to bench our captains and leaders on defense in favor of untested backups, I'm not so sure. In Peyton Manning we trust!

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread


Once again the Denver Broncos start fast then falter and annoy. Fortunately, the San Diego Chargers are not yet taking advantage of this temporary lull in offensive activity.

Chargers @ Broncos: Open Thread


Today is part 2 of the Broncos/Chargers rivalry. Peyton Manning and company took care of business a month ago in San Diego, but Philip Rivers has gotten hot as of late. It's time to see if the...

Titans @ Broncos: Open Thread


The Titans are trying desperately to regain some momentum, but I think we all know that Peyton Manning will put up at least one more score to put this game away for good here heading into the final...

Titans @ Broncos: Open Thread


The Tennessee Titans apparently are unstoppable and the Denver Broncos are not allowed to score touchdowns per NFL rules. Having had two apparent touchdown passes rescinded only drives us Broncos...

Titans @ Broncos: Open Thread


If there is one thing I am most anxious to see in today's game is for Peyton Manning to show the world that he can play ball in freezing temperatures post-surgery.

Early Games Open Thread: Horse Tracks


The marquee early games would have to be the Colts travelling to face the Bengals in a game that has playoff implications, while in the NFC there is another game with the Lions going on the road...

Horse Tracks: Broncos Pound Chiefs, Control Fate


The Broncos pound the Chiefs into submission and take control of the AFC West. There was never really any doubt with Broncos fans, but its nice that the team and the fans can focus on chasing a...

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