Mile High Report Hall of Fame - Class of 2014 selection schedule

CANTON, OH - AUGUST 2: Gary Zimmerman (L) formerly of the Minnesota Vikings and Denver Broncos posses with John Elway (R) and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen (C) during the Class of 2008 Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony. - Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images

The fun begins Monday July 7th.

The Mile High Report Hall of Fame is a new honorary section of the website dedicated to immortalizing significant figures in Denver Broncos history and Broncos Country. There are three groups of inductees - Broncos, Authors, and Members. Read more about the Mile High Report Hall of Fame (MHRHoF) in our announcement earlier today.

The Class of 2014 will be inducted the week of July 28th through August 1st. We need your help to nominate, select, and induct the first class! Selection occurs in three phases, culminating in a staff vote of finalists selected by MHR readers.


In this phase, fans can nominate Broncos, Authors, and Members by leaving comments on the appropriate post. We encourage you to get your nominations ready before this week begins - the better the nomination, the better the chance a person will go on to the next phase! So over the next week leading up to Week 1, fans can get ready. They can pre-write their nomination text. They can even publish their nomination as a FanPost, then link to the FanPost in their nomination comment. We want Broncos Country to be as heavily involved as possible in this - this Hall of fame is for Broncos fans, by Broncos fans, after all.

  • Monday July 7 - Broncos nominations begin
  • Tuesday July 8 - Author nominations begin
  • Wednesday July 9 - Member nominations begin
  • Thursday July 10 - Sportsperson of the Year nominations begin


In this phase, the most-recommended nominees from the Nomination Phase will be voted on by Broncos Country. Fans will be able to vote for more than one candidate, although they will have a limited number of votes.

  • Monday July 14 - Broncos voting begins
  • Tuesday July 15 - Author voting begins
  • Wednesday July 16 - Member voting begins
  • Thursday July 17 - Sportsperson of the Year voting begins


The finalists are cultivated from the fan-voting stage. The MHR Staff executes this phase of the vote, though we will publish the list of finalists and encourage feedback from Broncos Country. This final step is limited to the MHR Staff for a few reasons - one major reason being the susceptibility for non-Broncos fans to interfere with any public poll for the Hall of Fame. This ensures that the final enshrinement is done by Broncos fans.

  • Monday July 21 - Broncos finalists announced; staff votes
  • Tuesday July 22 - Author finalists announced; staff votes
  • Tuesday July 22 - Member finalists announced; staff votes
  • Wednesday July 23 - Sportsperson of the Year finalists announced; staff votes


The Class of 2014 is announced, and the Mile High Report Hall of Fame is installed!

  • Week of July 28-August 1 - Class of 2014 announced and inducted

Do you have any questions about the process? Please leave them in the comments below; we'll be happy to answer them.

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