Horse Tracks: Ring of Fame? More like "Ring of Awesome"

Justin Edmonds

Although the Broncos don't get much love in Canton, Denver respects their greats. On Tuesday, it was announced that three luminaries that contributed to the success of the Denver Broncos over the years would be inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame. Gene Mingo (1960-64), Rick Upchurch (1975-1983), and Coach Dan Reeves (1981-1992) are exceptionally deserving of the honor. Here's a MILE HIGH SALUTE to you fine gentlemen.


I think it's awesome that Mingo is going in. Although the Broncos were notoriously awful during the time he played, there were were quite a few stand-out players and I say kudos to the Broncos for giving him his due. When it comes to Rick Upchurch, imagine someone who was as explosive in the return game as Trindon Holliday, but able to hold onto the ball. That's something Broncos fans haven't experienced in a long time. Then there's Coach Reeves. While you may have feelings about how the Reeves era ended (ahem Tommy Maddox?!), you can't deny that we won a ton of ball games under his stewardship. To those that say Reeves held Elway back, I present to you Reeves' successor, Wade Phillips. Proof that coaching matters. Here's the writeup on these three greats from the Denver Broncos.


First off, I have to say that I'm envious of anyone with an 'X' or an apostrophe in their name. UCLA guard Xavier Su'a-Filo has both. Hands down, his has to be one of the coolest names out there. Name envy aside, Su'a-Filo met with the Broncos ahead of the 2014 NFL Draft. What does that mean? Nothing. Everything. CAN'T THURSDAY HURRY UP AND GET HERE?!


For those of you living in a bubble in the months following the Super Bowl, the Broncos have some holes they're hoping to fill in the draft. Pro Football Talk examines Denver's needs at linebacker, corner, offensive tackle/offensive guard, wide receiver/tight end, and defensive end.


'Independent Analyst', outstanding twitter follow, and amateur swing dancing champion (okay, maybe that last one is a reach) Andrew Mason takes a look the current state of the Broncos Special Teams unit.

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