Horse Tracks

Horse Tracks: Yet Another HOF Snub For TD

Terrell Davis was NF MVP and Super Bowl MVP during a time in the NFL where the league was replete with Hall of Fame running backs, yet somehow TD isn't as great as Jerome Bettis or former linebacker, Kevin Greene.

Horse Tracks: Broncos In Over Their Heads

The Chargers are just too good of a football team. They have more talent than the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. This team is SCARY!

Horse Tracks: Chargers Are Greatest of All-Time

The media narrative is getting old with me. Everywhere I go, the Chargers are going to dominate the Broncos as if Denver were led by Kyle Orton or something.

Horse Tracks: Peter King Fading Broncos Hard

Peter freaking King calls 49ers road to Super Bowl filled with revenge games, while the Broncos probably won't get past the Chargers. Hello, 49ers are 0-1 against Panthers and the Broncos are 1-1 against Chargers. W.T.F. man!

Horse Tracks: Bring on the Dolts

The Sheriff has a warrant to serve the Dolts next weekend. It's going to be a looooong six days! Go Broncos!

Horse Tracks: A Great Day of Football

Slim pickings today, but at least we'll find out who the Denver Broncos are playing next week here in several hours. No matter what, the Broncos players will get a chance to exact revenge for a regular season loss. They just need to take it.

Horse Tracks: America's Team Waits During Bye

According to a recent poll, the Broncos are the nation's favorite NFL team.

Horse Tracks: Keeping Focused During the Bye

The perfect end to this is season would be the Broncos beating the Colts and Patriots en route to a Super Bowl win, but really I'd be happy with any path that leads to another Lombardi Trophy. Staying focused is their problem, obviously not mine!

Horse Tracks: Looking Back on 2013

Looking back on 2013 should make most Broncos fans very happy. This team achieved just about everything it could possibly achieve in a regular season. Now its time to bring home a championship.

Horse Tracks: Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, Broncos fans! Here's looking forward to another great year of Denver Broncos football!

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