MHR University

MHR University - Researching the Opponent

Welcome to another addition of MHRUniversity.  As we are going into the training camp part of the year, and gearing up for the pre-season games, this will be one of the final installments for...

MHR University - Understanding "Run Contain"

Thank God that the run contain system is behind us.  It proved to be a disaster in Denver, and Denver fans will forever say the words "Jim Bates" with just a little snarl when the subject comes...

MHR University - Tailgate Food!

Let's take a break from football Xs and Os for a moment and ponder what it is about football that we love.  For men in particular, it may be the primeval clash of armored troops that we see on...

MHR University - Some Tricks for Reading a Defense

As a former defensive coordinator, it pains me to share how those evil offensive coordinators go after the noble defenses in football.  But heck, we're all friends here, right? There are two...

MHR University - Roster Part 2; Now it Gets Hard!

POP QUIZ! The last time we got together, I tried to show how difficult making the final cuts can be.  Coaches look at talent, behavior, attitude, injuries, finances and potential to make...

MHR University - Creating a Roster / Depth Chart

Few things are harder for a coach than coming up with the final roster.  On an emotional level, it's hard to cut a player who has worked his butt off.  On a strategic level, it's not always cut...

MHR University - The "Show Blitz" System

Some time ago I wrote that I am guessing new Denver defensive coordinator uses one of two systems.  One is the "Zone Blitz"  system championed by defensive master mind Lebeau.  The other is...

MHR University - RB Depth Schemes

As Denver looks at how to use their RB depth, let's take a brief look at the different ways that teams use RB depth. Each has advantages and disadvantages, and one isn't really the "best" way to...

MHR University - The Importance of Speed

Welcome to another edition of MHR Universtity. Some time ago, we discussed the importance of endurance. Today, let's take a look at another key element of the game. Speed is an important part of...

MHR University - The Nickel Formations

I had planned on doing a youth coaching article, but there has been some interest expressed on the site and in my e-mail about the 3-3-5. Let's expand on that a little, and talk about nickel...

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