MHR University

Mile High Report began this series of posts in 2008 with the goal in mind of educating fans on the lesser known nuances of the game. As fans ourselves, this exercise also helps us attain a better grasp of the game and its concepts. We hope you enjoy these posts as much as we do!

MHR University - The Importance of Speed


Welcome to another edition of MHR Universtity. Some time ago, we discussed the importance of endurance. Today, let's take a look at another key element of the game. Speed is an important...

MHR University - The Nickel Formations


I had planned on doing a youth coaching article, but there has been some interest expressed on the site and in my e-mail about the 3-3-5. Let's expand on that a little, and talk about nickel...

MHR University - Modern 3-4 Defense Systems


Welcome to another edition of MHR University!      Today we'll look at the modern systems run in the 3-4 defense. We'll also clear up some common misperceptions about the formation, as well as...

Football University - Cover Two Systems


A lot of folks know about the popular Cover Two system. At the same time, there is a lot of misunderstanding about this system. Some common myths: Cover Two is a formation. Cover Two...

Football University - Deciphering the reloading season


Look around the division and it's not to hard to figure out what other teams are doing.  oakland is spending money they won't have in a year or two (salary cap hell cometh), but getting some big...

Football University - Building cred at MHR / Part 2


Here's a list of ten things things that are worth keeping in mind for building a good rep at MHR.  Feel free to add a few things yourself in the comments section! Be humble.  There are a lot of...

Football University - Building cred at MHR / Part 1


How does one get a diary promoted to the front page?  How does a member get the respect of fellow members and build a rep?  What makes a good diary, and is the "comment count" really important?Most...

Football University - The Bootleg Play


Happy Easter!Since I can't send out candy to everyone, the next best thing I can do is send out some University goodies.  That's right, the course with no homework and tests is giving out free...

Football University - Zone Blocking


Welcome to another installment of MHR's Football University.  Today we'll go over the central identity of the Broncos offense: the "zone block" system.  It is one of the least understood systems in...

MHR Football University - The Cornerback Position


A couple of weeks ago I got this comment/question from MHR member studbucket:"I am interested in cornerbacks and how they play the game differently.There are basic differences such as playing tight...

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