Rumor Mill

The MHR Rumor Pit -- Broncos In 'Three-Way'???


ProFootball Talk has reported the Broncos could be involved in the three-way deal once the trade embargo is lifted -- MENAGE-A-TRADE IN THE WORKS? As the 2008 league year quickly approaches,...

With Losing Comes The Inevitable Rumor Mill -- Shanny To Falcons??

9 is not one of my favorite sites.  I'm just being honest.  For the most part, their "rumor mill" seems nothing more than uneducated guessing.  I could sit here and do that, but...

***RUMOR***Henry To Be Suspended


A source has told me that Travis Henry will lose his appeal and be suspended for a year for failing a drug test earlier this year.  This announcement could come as early as tomorrow, and despite...

Sleeping With The Enemy - Broncos and Chiefs Talking Trade


Dude Needs To Tackle Better Than That! Could it happen?  I mean really, could the Broncos and Chiefs, bitter AFC West rivals form way back int the AFL days really consummate a trade, really...

Is Al Wilson On The Block??


Could Wilson Get Traded? Where there's smoke, there's fire.  I guess you can call that my motto, becuase for the past couple of weeks I've written it about 10 times.  After the Broncos acquired...

Just Heard On 'The Herd' - Plummer to Buccaneers


Just heard Len Pasquarelli from tell Colin Cowherd that the pieces are in place for the Broncos to send Jake Plummer to Tampa for a mid-round draft pick.While the trade isn't official, it...

Broncos Rumor Report Vol. 3 -- Free Agency Primer


It all kicks off tonite.  At 12:01AM, Friday, the moratorium on trades and free agent signings ends and team are allowed to open up the check books to get the guy they are looking for.  The one...

Broncos Rumor Report Vol. 2 -- Dre' Bly


IMO, No Need For Bly It made little news in Bronco Country last week when Detroit's Dre Bly requested a trade from the deep chasm that is Matt Millen's Lions.  Sure, the Broncos are short a DB...

Hey Shanny, Call The Bears, NOW!


A couple weeks ago I spoke on MHR Radio about my wishes for the off-season.  Patrick Kerney was one, and another, to stabalize the running back position was Thomas Jones of the Bears.  "He would...

Plummer To Retire?? I Doubt It.


Update [3/2/2007 1:09pm by TheSportsGuru]:This post was written a few days ago, Jake Plummer is now reportedly going to retire as opposed to being traded to Tampa Bay. Click on the MHR Logo at the...

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