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Broncos vs. Chiefs: Snap Counts


Here are the totals from Sunday's game!

Broncos vs. Patriots: Snap Counts


Here are the totals from Sunday Night's game.

Manning vs. Brady: By the Numbers


With round 14 set to kickoff Sunday night in New England, here is a statistical look at one of the most storied rivalries in NFL history.

Peyton Manning: 2.35 seconds


On average this is how long it took for Peyton Manning to get the ball out from snap to throw against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Manning is lousy in cold weather! Myth or fact?


After hearing this repeated over and over by fans and pundits alike, I wanted to find out for myself whether or not this proclamation holds any water.

Broncos/Chiefs Turnover Differential and Scoring


There are many ways to look at the upcoming matchup to gauge and pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of each team as well as try and formulate some preliminary strategy. Turnover Differential and...

Kansas City Chiefs Offense: Scouting Report

"Victorious warriors win first and then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first and then seek to win" --Sun Tzu

Broncos vs. Chargers: Snap Counts


Here are the totals from yesterday's game.


3rd and Long - Zapping the Chargers

So this was a lot closer than it was supposed to be. 28 points is the season low for the offense and there were more dropped passes than I would like to see yesterday. Still, we won on the road and...

Manning v. Brady: San Diego Chargers


Next up are those loveable losers from the west coast. The team that everyone loves to ignore, the team whose own fans won't fork over the money to watch in person. We're talking about San Diego...


The Separation Between the Broncos and Chiefs

With yet another win last Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs have improved to 9-0 on the season, remaining undefeated through nine weeks.


A Statistical Review: Denver Through 8 Games

I won't go into as great of detail as I did in my first article, but I did uncover a useful method for two stats that will make them more accurate.

The Four Horsemen: 2nd half projections


Wondering where our quartet of receivers stand at the moment? Wondering what they need to put up in order to attain some statistical milestones? Ever wonder about the meaning of life? Well, we have...

Broncos/Redskins: 1st Q Alignments and Techniques


Hello folks, back to the grind! Here are the 1st quarter alignments and numbers along the defensive front. The Broncos only used three different fronts, their "Under", some traditional 4-3, and...

Broncos vs. Redskins: Snap Counts


Here are the totals from week 8 action.

Manning vs. Brady QB Tracker: Washington Redskins


After taking a week off last week, I'm here to bring you more head to head comparisons between the two All-Time greats.

Broncos vs. Colts: Snap Counts


Here are the numbers from last night's game.

Von Miller: 2.75 seconds


From snap to sack, that's how long it takes for Von Miller to "Eat Greedy"

Scouting the Colt Defense


Curious about the Colt defense? Look no further!

Peyton Manning and the 4 Horsemen In Depth


Keeping tabs on Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas.

Broncos v. Jaguars: Snap Counts


Here we go!


3rd and Long - winning big without your "A" game

On Sunday for the first time during the same game, our offense and our defense played poorly for long stretches. Despite an offense that was scoring at prodigious rates, the Broncos turned the...

Scouting the Jaguars Offense


As promised here's an in depth look at the Jags and their offensive offense.

Scouting the Jaguars Defense


Just who are these Jaguars that come into Mile High as 27 point underdogs?

"The Four Horsemen" Stat Tracker


Well, I figured with our offense on record breaking pace, I might as well keep tabs on Demaryius Thomas, Eric Decker, Wes Welker, and Julius Thomas.

Manning vs. Brady QB Tracker: Jacksonville Jaguars


Here's the latest installment folks!

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