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Yeah, I'm Still Thinking About the 2008 Draft.

We've talked up the Broncos 2008 Draft haul here at MHR for a while now.  The Draft itself was a bit shocking, but as several contributers stepped up and shared their well-researched opinions on...


A Royal Suprise

The NFL Draft has always been a holiday for me. I can't remember a time in the past 5 years that I haven't at least watched the first round. (The last two years I've watched the entire day one...


2008 NFL Draft - Quick Thoughts

Random thoughts from the weekend. I watched almost the entire draft.  It's harder to watch the draft buzzer to buzzer than it is not to.  I really liked the 10 minute clock switch this year.  More...


In-Depth Analysis: The 2008 Undrafted Free Agents

In-depth coverage like you've never seen before: unless, of course, you visit youtube daily.  Zap did it with the big guys Denver drafted, so I figured...why not throw some more video info out on...


NFL Draft 2008 - Broncos Reloading Thoughts

Go easy on me, this is my first diary on MHR :)   First, a change in philosophy:When we won back to back Championships, we had a lot of high character guys - Rod & Easy Ed, Elway, Davis, Neil...


2008 NFL Draft - Quotables From The 2nd Day Picks

OL Korey Lichtensteiger (4th Rnd, 108)