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Thursday Night Magic


Thursday night has been kind to Utah over the past decade ... will that continue this Thursday against TCU?

It's time Utah football step up at home


Utah football just hasn't been the same at home since losing to TCU in 2010. Can they recapture their past success this season - and do they need to?

The Dream I Probably Shouldn't Tell You About


So I had a dream about the Sounders last night. My dream included about a full minute of the game. During that minute, they hit the post four times. No goals. This is not the kind of dream I...

Altered Maroon Memories | What if Cam Newton would have come to MSU?


Using the great simulator WhatifSports, we take a look at what MSU's 2010 season could have been with Heisman winner Cam Newton at QB

What if ... '02's Utes do just enough?


What if...Ron McBride made it through the 2002 season? No Urban Meyer, Kyle Whittingham might be coaching the Cougars and Utah could still be in the Mountain West - without BYU or TCU.

Mountain West 2010 Retrospective: The Middle’uns


Air Force, San Diego State, and BYU each beat all of the four bottom feeders in the conference. What San Diego State, BYU, and Air Force could not do was beat TCU or Utah, and that is what made...

Mountain West 2010 Retrospective: the Bottom Feeders

In many ways, 2010 was set up to be the Mountain West's coming-out year. Its champion had claimed the non-cartel autobid two years running, and its Big Three were bigger and better than ever...

The 2010 Wimple Awards

The fourth annual Purple Wimple Awards: Purple Wimple Player of the Year: Andy Dalton Dalton embodied the Frogs' success since 2008 as no other. (Photo:...

Dominance Ranking, 1999-2010


We've got twelve years' data now for the Dominance Ranking. In that span, the most dominant team is... Boise State. The Broncos' top finish (fifth year in a row in the top five-- the best such...

2010 Dominance Ranking


The final Dominance Ranking (national rank in scoring offense + scoring defense) for 2010; bold indicates a conference's pre-season favorite. 1 Boise St. 2 TCU 3 Oregon 4 Ohio St. 5 S...

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