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Week 17 NFL Power Rankings: Final Edition

There you have it. This was my first year posting power rankings like this and I think I did fairly well with 21 grades of C or higher out of 32. These power ranking posts will return next year soon after the draft. See you then!

Week 16 NFL Power Rankings

Week 15 was a rough outing for much the leagues top teams, with half of the teams in my top ten taking a loss, including our beloved Broncos. Consequently, the top 10 had a big shake up this week in our power rankings.

Week 15 NFL Power Rankings

After tying an NFL record this weekend for most games scoring fifty or more points in a season, the Denver Broncos should be in every single conversation for the top spot in NFL power rankings.

Week 14 NFL Power Rankings

With each passing week, we learn more about which teams are clearly the best in the league. As the only two teams with ten or more wins, the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are now the clear favorites in both of their respective conferences.

Week 13 NFL Power Rankings

I must say, [sarcasm on]it was very nice[/sarcasm off] to see the Broncos insist on maintaining the fumbler crown of the NFL. The Patriots gave them a run for their fumbler money, but the fumbler all-pro Broncos kept their fumbler crown intact.

Week 12 NFL Power Rankings

The world outside of western Missouri know what the Kansas City Chiefs are made of and its decidedly not the mush that molded its 2012 campaign. Instead, its forged of iron and gave the NFL favorite Denver Broncos a fight on the Broncos home turf.

Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

The biggest news of the week for Denver Broncos fans was an MRI on Peyton Manning's legs that showed no new damage, which means he will be a go for the huge Sunday Night Football showdown with hated division rival, the Kansas City Chiefs.

Week 10 NFL Power Rankings

Pretty much all of the interesting teams in the league had a Bye last week. Either that or it just feels that way because I'm a Broncos fans. There wasn't much movement across the board as most teams have settled in or around where they should be.

Week 9 NFL Power Rankings

So this week, I see several teams really separating themselves as true contenders. I had to bump the San Francisco 49ers up to the top spot this week purely based on how well they are playing on both sides of the ball. They are red hot right now...

Week 8 NFL Power Rankings

This week, its all the Indianapolis Colts. Sure, they are 5-2, but unlike the 7-0 Kansas City Chiefs who have only had to contend with terrible teams (and barely succeeding at that!), the Colts have beaten the 3 main Super Bowl contenders of 2013.

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