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2013 Broncos Draft Class: You Make the Grade


The Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Draft class is complete! Now it's time to grade John Elway, John Fox and the rest of the Broncos staff on their third draft together.


Video: Zac Dysert Highlights

The Denver Broncos wrap up their 2013 NFL Draft selecting an interesting prospect in Zac Dysert. The highlights show a very solid, if raw, quarterback. This must be Elway's "Plan B".


Video: Tavarres King Highlights

Most late round draft picks have to work really hard to make it in this league. Tavarres King will need to become the next Rod Smith-like type of guy if he wants to start for the Denver Broncos...


Video: Quanterus Smith Highlights

A low risk, high reward value pick here by the Broncos could turn into the perfect replacement for Elvis Dumervil. If, that is, Quanterus Smith comes back 100% from his knee injury.


Video: Kayvon Webster Highlights

This guy caught all of us off guard, but by all accounts he may be a diamond from the rough - not in the rough.

2013 NFL Draft: The Entire Second Round


The MHR Staff analyzed each pick as it happened during the Second Round Friday night. Here's how it went down.


Video: Montee Ball on Sports Science

With 1,662 pound of force from his stiff arm, making Montee Ball one of the more impactful running backs on the board.

Worst Denver Broncos Draft Pick Of All-Time


What franchise wastes a first round pick on a player THEY KNOW will never play for them? The 1960's Denver Broncos, that's who! Build a team with players you think will help you win, not draft a...

Best Denver Broncos Draft Pick Of All-Time


You would think it would be an easy task selecting the best Denver Broncos draft pick of all-time, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I could imagine. In the end, I had to go with...

Denver Broncos 2013 Draft Picks: Manti Te'o


Manti Te'o is a beast. TE'O TE'O :) ILB Manti Te'o Scouting Profile Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis sit amet libero erat, quis ultrices est. Curabitur...

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