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Horse Tracks: John Fox re-thinks Foxball

John Fox regrets running the ball on 3rd and 7, then punting the ball back to the Ravens. If given another opportunity the veteran coach hints that we would try to put the game away right then and there.

Horse Tracks: Is Shanny a Great Coach?

For this Bronco fan the jury is still out. I'll need to see how his tenure in Washington plays out, because I got the sense Gary Kubiak made Mike Shanahan great and when he left the wheels came off pretty quickly.

Horse Tracks: Tom Nalen to the Ring of Fame

Tom Nalen will likely never get a sniff at the Hall of Fame, but us Denver Broncos fans know how special of a player he was for our franchise for 15 seasons. Can't wait to see that #66 banner revealed!

Horse Tracks: KC Fans Hungry; Continue to Starve

An Intern was apparently hired who was not alive the last time the Kansas City Chiefs won a playoff game. This is only our top story today because of all of the lovely Chiefs fans who trolled my recent rankings post. Go Chiefs! The 1990's rock!

Horse Tracks: Once a Raider...

Charles Woodson goes back home and honestly, I'm glad. He would not have been much of an upgrade over the young guns and Peyton Manning will get to make him regret his decision twice this year. It's a win/win.

Horse Tracks: Prayers to OKC

Thankfully members of my own family are all accounted for and safe, but I am sure many of their own friends and acquaintances are not. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the region, but especially the little ones lost at Plaza Towers...

Horse Tracks: Broncos Mt. Rushmore?

John Elway, duh. Terrell Davis, without him no Super Bowls. Floyd Little, without him no franchise in Denver. Randy Gradishar, without him no first winning season and first Super Bowl appearance. Anyone else, put them at #5 and call it a day!

Horse Tracks: Seachickens Cheat/Roid Rage

Sorry for the late Horse Tracks, people. A sick 3 year old kept me busy most of the night and I definitely needed the hour or two of shut eye I got this morning. The munchkin is on the mend, so all is right in the world once again!

Horse Tracks: "The Heat Is On!"

Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos are going to need to channel their inner Glenn Frey because in 2013, The Heat is On, baby.

Horse Tracks: Post-SBN Armageddon

Whew! I've been around MHR and SB Nation since 2007ish and this was the worst outage I've ever seen. As bad as it was, I've got to hand it to the IT staff that worked day and night to bring things back online. Now don't let it happen again! haha

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