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Elway vs. Montana: A Game for the Ages (1994)

One of the greatest regular season moments was this Monday Night Football game between the Denver Broncos and the Kansas City Chiefs, led respectively by John Elway and Joe Montana. Final Score: Chiefs 31, Broncos 28


1/4/98: Broncos Win On Road To Super Bowl Title

There are many Broncos/Chiefs games worth talking about. The Monday Night Meltdown, the Atwater hit on the Nigerian Nightmare or the classic Montana/Elway duel. However, the game that mattered the most was the one that ultimately led to a Title.

Broncos Legend QB Frank Tripucka Passes

Why was Tripucka so important? Here's why.

How Baseball Brought Football to Denver

In the late 1950s, Denver almost ended up with a baseball team instead of a football one.

Worst Denver Broncos Draft Pick Of All-Time

What franchise wastes a first round pick on a player THEY KNOW will never play for them? The 1960's Denver Broncos, that's who! Build a team with players you think will help you win, not draft a player just so you can brag about it after the fact...

Best Denver Broncos Draft Pick Of All-Time

You would think it would be an easy task selecting the best Denver Broncos draft pick of all-time, but it turned out to be a lot more difficult than I could imagine. In the end, I had to go with the only stat that matters ... winning Super Bowls.

Important Broncos' Events

What events have shaped the course of Broncos' history? I thought I would set out ten significant events in the life of the Broncos for your consideration. Is it too early to add Elway the GM to the list?

John Elway's Top 5 Moments

NFL.com placed Elway at the top of their list for best #1 overall quarterback picks of all-time. What were the greatest moments of his career?

Broncos Draft History: The 28th overall pick

Who is the only Bronco to have been chosen with the 28th overall pick?

Three 1000-yard Wide Receivers

Can Thomas, Decker and Welker all do it in a single season? Only four teams in NFL history have ever accomplished that feat, but have any been as talented as these three and paired with the NFL's greatest quarterback?

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