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Let the Elvis Bashing Begin


Worth noting - "The Ravens gave him a five-year deal worth $35 million, while the Broncos could only counter with a three-year package for $18 million."

Patriots put an end to Broncos miracle season; still lots to be proud of


The game against the Patriots wasn't incredible but the 2011 season for the Denver Broncos sure was. Tom Brady and his All-Pro Tight Ends were too much for the young safeties of the Broncos especially with no pressure on the legendary QB. Mike McCoy, John Fox, and Tim Tebow had no answers for the inspired Patriots defense and the Broncos quickly found themselves down and out against a far superior team. Saying that, the Broncos exceeded everyones expectations this year and Broncos fans got to enjoy one of the most exciting seasons since John Elway's playing days. Join us as we spend time with fans, talk about the game, and reflect on this roller coaster season.

Broncos to upset Steelers, time to get FIRED UP!


Playoff fever is running high and i really need some anger management classes. Every expert in the country has picked the Pittsburgh Steelers and their number one ranked defense to cream the Denver Broncos. Three key factors that can lead the Broncos to the promised land. Time for fans and players to get FIRED UP. Are you with me?

Broncos win AFC West despite losing. First playoffs since 2005


The Broncos played a dreadful game against KC only scoring 3 points in the loss to the Chiefs but Philip Rivers and the Chargers beat the Oakland Raiders which makes the 8 and 8 Broncos AFC West Champions. Teams continue to make adjustments to handle Tim Tebow and the Broncos offense yet Mike McCoy and John Fox remain determined to do exactly the same thing week after week. John Elway said the Chief game was going to be treated as a playoff game. If that is the offensive game plan for the playoffs the Broncos are in deep mud.

Denver Broncos - Buffalo Bills and being thankful for Christmas


A look at the season thus far, being thankful of this years Broncos and why trading Kyle Orton was best thing that ever happened to me! Merry Christmas from Bronco Planet.

Tebow does it again; Broncos beat Chargers in OT


Tim Tebow has most running attempts for a QB since 1970, throws another TD pass without any interceptions, and leads the Broncos to another AFC road victory. Bronco Planet talks about Tebow's development, the dominate Denver defense, poor Mike McCoy play calling, impressive Willis McGahee running, and a great day from the special teams including the game winner in OT by Matt Prater. Tebow is now 5-1 as a s starter. Will John Elway finally jump on the Tebow Bandwagon and offer more support for the young QB?

Tim Tebow and a Stout Broncos Defense whip NY Jets


Former Bronco and Broadcaster Reggie Rivers drops by the set of Bronco Planet to discuss the Drive II and how he is starting to drink the "Tebow Kool-aid" We also review Tim Tebow stats the first 8 games of his career compared to John Elway, Mike McCoy play calling, Tebow in the 4th quarter, and the vastly improved Denver defense led by Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller. Tebow is 4-1 since replacing the 1-4 Kyle Orton. Broncos now have real shot at AFC West Champions.

The big mouth Jets bring their NY attitude to Denver


Even though the Jets were beaten badly last week by the Patriots they continue to flap their gums about the Broncos offense, Tim Tebow, and everything else. See a quick preview of the Broncos match up against Rex Ryan's lip service Jets and see what NFL analyst Chris Carpenter has to say about the league's biggest surprises and disappointments so far in 2011. He also points out the NFL's obvious MVP and an honest look at the Broncos so far this season.

Broncos run Chiefs into the ground: Tebow now 3 and 1 as starter


Who needs to pass when time after time you can run it right down their throat. It certainly didn't keep you on the edge of your chair but the Broncos managed to lure the Chiefs (and most of the fans) to sleep over 4 quarters until Tim Tebow caught them napping on the job and hit Eric Decker for a 43 yard touchdown and the Chiefs were pronounced dead on the scene. Official cuase of death. Boredom! On the bright side, a win is a win and Tebow is now 3 and 1 as the Broncos starter. The Broncos now have a reasonable shot at winning the AFC West. Say what?

Raider Fans "Tebow Sucks!" chants inspire Broncos


It was like a scene right out of a Rocky movie. Tim Tebow was knocked down repeatedly, had a bloody lip, and the nasty Oakland crowd was screaming "Tebow Sucks." Yet the Broncos young QB kept getting back up. And with the help of his friends Willis McGahee, Champ Bailey, and Eddie Royal the Broncos came back for a sweet victory against the hated Raiders

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