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John Elway The Best Quarterback Trade of All-Time


1. John Elway, Broncos 1983. The first pick in the draft, Elway wanted nothing to do with playing for the Baltimore Colts and forced them to deal him to the Broncos. Some rank him as the best quarterback of all-time. He certainly was one of the greatest clutch performers in NFL history. His 148-82-1 record as a starter is one of the best ever. Here is the bonus part of the Elway acquisition: he’s still paying dividends for the team at the age of 52 as he is quickly becoming one of the most respected executives in the game.

Attention Broncos Fans Who Play Madden: Preorder From Walmart to Unlock John Elway


If you're considering purchasing Madden 13 when it is released on August 28th, you should also think about preordering through Walmart. In fact, if you're a Broncos fan who plays madden and DON'T purchase through Walmart, you're going to be angry that you didn't. The new version of Madden allows players to assume the persona of various legendary players as they go from rookie to Hall of Famer in a game mode called "Connected Careers". It's similar to previous versions of Madden's Superstar mode. However, featured in this game are Denver Broncos Hall of Fame tandem of Shannon Sharpe and John Elway. Unfortunately, John Elway is only available for those who preorder their copy of Madden through Walmart. So, if you want to replicate Elway's career with your own virtual football skills, you must purchase your copy through Walmart. The link to Walmart's preorder page is found here. Enjoy the new Madden... if you're into that sort of thing.

Sunshine, hard work, and good times during Broncos first day of OTAs


The weather was great, the intensity high, and the attitudes positive. A great start to OTAs after a high impact workout. Good to have football again in Denver.

Omar Bolden's positivity highlights early impact


Omar Bolden is turning heads at Dove Valley already. After his college medical set backs he turned a negative into a positive. See the attitude adjustment that is already having a positive return for the rookie defensive back.

"This one's for John"


Very nice poem from Melissa Milehigh Martin

John Elway learned to create his own success


Not only is Brianne one of the hottest Broncos fans in the Denver area but the girl can write. Great article on John Elway and the lessons he learned from his dad Jack.

Peyton Manning will make Broncos Super Bowl Contenters


The very cute and sports minded Genna G becomes the latest Bronco Planet blogger. See what she had to say about our new QB and why the Broncos are now Super Bowl Contenders.

Peyton Manning and George Strait "Music to my ears"


John Elway went old school by snagging Peyton Manning. Why this should be music to the ears of all Broncos fans. Looking forward to the sweet sound of winning championships again.

Elway gambles big and wins big, so do the Broncos


Great news for Broncos fans but much to be thankful for including the great 2011 that Tim Tebow gave the Denver Broncos and their fans. Elway was hired to make tough decisions not emotional decisions. I am a Tebow fan for life but making Peyton Manning the Broncos starting QB is the right decision.

It's Peyton Freakin' Manning, the Broncos better be interested


I love me some Tim Tebow but this is Peyton Freakin' Manning we are talking about. Discussion over! See why it is so important now for the Broncos to seize the day on this once in a lifetime opportunity. A solution that would make everyone happy!

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